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Lilwanis' Swaps from HE/PP

This page was updated on 04/16/2013 partial update. I will update when I have something to update with frow.gif


Swaps Owed to Me:


Date Claimed:                      Item:                  Member:              Post #:                               Note:


12/25/2012                    Birchen Marans (6)            crfarm                       6876                            Received 5 total hatched

12/26/2012                    Birchen Marans (6)            crfarm                       6938                            Received All developed

12/26/2012                    Birchen Marans (6)            swindledana              7034                            Received

12/28/2012                    Bresse (6)                        AyeUpChuck             7640                             For Summer or sooner

12/29/2012                    CCL     (6)                        madamwlf                 7831                             For 04/15/2013

12/30/2012                    Birchen Marans (6)           swindledana               8106                             For 04/15/2013

01/06/2013                    Lav Ams                         kraftyladies                 537                              Received

01/06/2013                    Lav Ams                         krafryladies                 540                             Received




Swaps I Owe:


Place holder. I currently only swap with PayPal and send as soon as claimed.


My Wish List (aka what I want)


Houdans (!) *these would be for my autistic son. I would prefer to get some good breeders for him and me as they won't likely keep his attention for long*

Birchen Marans



Ams: Would love to run across silvers, but am looking at black or wheaten as well. Lav's are in there as well lau.gif LOVE! this breed.


That's all for now. I have limited space, so I had to limit myself to four breeds...and the Bresse, but my plans for them are different (sustainable meat flock). 


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