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Meat Bird House

Hello everyone

This is a housing complex for my upcoming Meat Birds , I Just threw it together From all my leftover materials Just laying around  And of course pallets I actually Only spent $8.01 And that was for the screws , I didn't want to spend anything I Just Made things fit where needed , Now I know It is Not the best Looking palace But For the  Time they are alive they will be Kept well and Safe , that is My main concern Safe , those Birds are too expensive to be eaten By a raccoon,  













Comments (7)

Awesome! Looks really sturdy and safe.
very nice i will be doing one for meat birds as well.
SootyIamonmypphone andthisisglitchingImeanttoputspaces?
LOL : ) Phones Gotta love them
I feel ya on the smartphone. The coop looks great!
BackYard Chickens › Coop Designs › Meat Bird House