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Small Chicken Coop Designs & Pictures of Chicken Coops

Small Coops Page: 1


Renee's Coop
trictle's Coop
AtholCoop's Coop
LittleFeat's Coop

City Coop

Hennsington Palace

Country Acres

Cozy Cottage Coop


Funky Chicken Coop


Poultry in Motion


Villa Gallina


Newtronical Nesting Ground



Elementary Hoop Coop

Gallus Haus

Hinkel Haus

Simple Living Chicken Coop


Poultry Palace Extraordinaire


The Dixie Chicks


emeded's Coop


Wichita Cabin Coop


Cottage Coop


GardeNerd's Coop


SpunkyTheMonkey's Coop


My Chicken Coopark

Fivehens' Coop
Coop Construction
Schroeder's Coop
My Little Coop



Missouri Mansion

TimM's Medium Coop

The Coop, Est 2013

Matt & Jen's Coop


The Crack Shack



The Drummond's Coop



Hollywood Henhouse



clemson11's Coop


Coop Design


Ramada Hen House



goody2230's Coop


Fate's Crooked Chicken Shack



The Hodge Podge Coop


McCluckles' Country Barn



Beak le Coop


Theegoliath's Strange Coop




Coop and Garden

coolcanoechic's Coop

JohnPeel's Coop

Basic Backyard Coop

Sammimom's Coop
Cochin Duplex
New Henstein Castle
Mini Coop

Oyako Donburi Coop

Hoop House

Little City Chicken Coop

Cheap & Recycled

pasta514's Coop
swatskee's Coop
Chicken Coop
Cage Page
nwmud's Coop
WisconsinGardenChick's Coop
chickerdoodle's Coop
tienchinho's Coop

Cluck Castle

Coop Hotel

The Zen House

Coop de Gras

The Coop
lucidchicken's Coop
Maurice Chicken Coop Car
lisseree's Coop

Twigg's Coop

Little Tykes Castle

Maserati Chicken Coupe

Mini Van Mobile Coop

GG706's Coop

Kruer Bantam Coop
Cowboy Joe's Coop
Tonkasmum's Coop



1 Day Duck Coop



Chicken Cabinet



mpf's Coop



fargosmom's Coop


Coop de Castilla




kitaye's Coop


Chicken Noodle Coop

A-Frame Coop
JReedy72's Coop
Building Our First Coop
The Building of the Coop
Coop Design
Our Garage Coop
My DIY Coop Run
isabrownmom's Coop
vfem's Coop
How to Build a Brood Pen
AnnesChicks's Coop
mikecnorthwest's Coop
Coop Construction
oandrea's Coop
scrapmom5's Coop
SewingDiva's Coop
OhioChkMom's Coop
Coop Page v2
Chicken Coop
My Chicken Coop
rankar's Coop
The Girls' Coop
erinlee's Coop
mareed2k's Coop
Biddies' Barn
Coop and Run
Netherworldtaken's Coop
TC_BokBok's Coop
chuckzoo's Coop
My First Chicken Coop
My Coop Design
Chieftain's Coop
SoCalPeeps's Coop
Our Coop
Playhouse Coop for Kathryn
yo_chuci's Coop
prairiepearls's Coop
Super Coop Deluxe
Coop Build
CityGirlintheCountry's Coop
Bantam Barn
Chicken Coop


Our Little Flock


JennsPeeps's Coop


Modern Coop


Coop Page

ShaunaCH's Coop
harrisville chicken's Coop
pbuckler's Coop

Small Coops Page: 1


Comments (18)

Thanks to the wonderful designs in this site's small coops I was able to built my own little coop "Villa Gallina" :O)
All are wonderful !
Well with the help of this SITE and all the contributers I think i am ready for some chickens. How do I put a picture on here?
Wow Thank you everyone for sharing!!!!
my coops are not has nice has some of these but how can I submit mine?
Oh how I love building chicken coops, it's just a fun thing I do on the side...I can make anything that anyone can imagine. Especially mini coops. There are a lot of interesting ones on here, I love the designs, good stuff.
I just LOVE looking at all the different coops! It gives me lots of ideas.
i love my coop but the ones there are epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am going to make the the simple easy coop for my rhode island reds:)
All the coops I viewed are all wonderful and unique:)
i love looking at all the coops. gives me wonderful ideas and stuff for when i get ready to expand my coop or build a whole new one. great stuff!!!!!!
Backyard Chicken Friends, Today is the LAST DAY to enter your coop to receive a free 40 lb bag of feed!
Bravo Bravo!!
Great coops and a cheers to all the owner builders:)
amazing selection, thanks so much for sharing  each and all
how do i post my coop in this section ?
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