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The 9 Comb Types

1. The Single

The single comb is the most common. It is a simple straight row of spikes beginning at the bird's nostrils and sweeping back its head.


"Pearl," winner of the single comb contest, owned by elsasmom




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2. The Buttercup

The buttercup comb is quite the novel headgear for poultry, and is reserved for the breed that carries its name. In appearance, the buttercup comb has a very small single comb in the center, with a larger one on either side.



3. The Pea

Pea combs often have 3 rows of "peas" side by side, although sometimes there is only 1 row. The "peas" are little bumps, usually quite uniform in shape and size. As the bird matures the comb grows, sometimes losing its neat, ordered appearance and becoming a large blob on the head.


"Louie," winner of the pea comb contest, owned by moomee56:




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4. The Rose

Rose combs are usually rather flat and close to the bird's head. Sometimes it will form a point and extend further back than the rest of the comb.


"Puddin," winner of the rose comb contest, owned by shepan2:






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5. The Strawberry

Strawberry combs are very similar to rose combs, except that they form no point and are not as flat. They are raised higher and sometimes resemble strawberries, hence the name.



6. The Cushion

This type is also similar to the rose comb, only cushion combs are rounded and smaller than the rose. They also have no point.



7. The V

Breeds with V combs have the appearance of little devils, with their long red "horns."



8. The Walnut

Walnut combs look almost exactly like their namesake. Big, pitted, and round, they can grow to shocking size and nearly cover their bearer's face.


"Elliot," winner of the walnut comb contest, owned by BarnGoddess01:




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9.  The Carnation

The Carnation comb is somewhat rare and found on the Empordanesa and Penedesenca breeds. It is a single comb with two side sprigs on either side of the back of the comb.



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Comments (70)

Very interesting! Wonderful drawings too!
the sicilian's comb could be pictured more accurate, it forms a type of O with spikes...good job though :)
Yes, I had the worst time on that one! It's hard to get it just right, and I couldn't find a picture of it the way I wanted it.
Thanks! :)
* claps* good one! did you draw those yourself? they are very good!
Yes, I did. I found pictures on Google and used them to draw from. :) Thanks!
om my goodness!! i wish i could draw like that!! i have tried and they turned out some-what good!! you are excellent!!! good job!! i can not stop staring at these!!!
Ha! I love the silkie!
Great drawings! And I really like that you had a breed name for each one. I learned something new!
My Blue Hamburg roosters rosecomb looks a lot different. It has a large long point in the back and lots of little points along the top. I don't know if it's with only him, so.... I love his comb. Excellent pictures. I'm sorry if I sound rude. I'm just confused about the Rosecomb.... Again, sorry.
Actually that's a good point. There seem to be 2 varieties of rose comb -- one with a point and one without the point. I've seen a lot of those, espcially on FeatherSite. I should probably illustrate the pionted one. You weren't rude at all. :)
as a newbie to chickens, this was really helpful! Thank you. (and great job on the drawings!!)
I'm glad it was helpful to you! And thank you. :)
Wow! Great job on the drawings!!! I think will help a lot of the newbies. :)
Lothiriel, you're super talented! Very beautiful and helpful drawings!
You should win a prize for this page!
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