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The Eggcelsior

The Eggcelsior is a five cluck establishment built in the wonderful area of Landstown, Texas.  


The population of Landstown is currently in flux; however, the proprietors saw fit to encourage travel to their fair town by creating a delightful rendezvous location as the first permanent building in their up and coming town.


First, the foundation was formed:



2x6 foundation frameout.


The builders managed to score free lumber from Craigs List on a deck that was being torn out and about 60' of fencing that had been blown down in a recent wind storm.  This accounted for the majority of the materials needed for fabrication.


Location established and flooring laid.


The flooring was put in place - 3/4" plywood, doubled and overlaped seams.  Very sturdy.  A base of  6'x10'.  An interior dimension expected to be 6'x8' with a height of 6'.


Next came the frame out.  More work done with the decking timbers.



Sides framedout


Windows and doors planned and placed.


Faux windows and entry door were included in the frameout.


Then the skinning.  More 3/4" plywood was used for the skin.  Room was left for ventilation and nesting boxes.



Interior skinning in 3/4" plywood


To add a feeling of "old" to the Western theme, the builders decided to add shiplapping from the weathered fencing that had been salvaged; and, a complementing paint was chosen.





Requests were made of the BYC community for what type of awning to utilize on the boardwalk.  So, by popular demand, the boardwalk awning was completed out with tin.



The boardwalk after awning installed. Waiting for everything to finish curing before taking a full photo.


To ensure that the flooring would not rot and mildew over time, it was sealed with a fiberous, watersealing roofing compound:




And, to help with lighting without having to resort to electricity, a skylight was put in along with a tin roof.  All of it was sealed tightly with roofing tar:



Skylight for letting light in. With the direction the coop is oriented, they should be getting maximum daylight exposure. The ventilation is situated under the tin overhang, the windows and door at the front and above the wall at the back.


A backdoor was installed to allow maintenance and janitorial crew to come in and take care of the facilities should the need arise.  






Accommodations have been provided with the intention to expand in the coming months.





All the guests seem content and comfy.


Next, the sign had to be designed:



Creating the sign template


And, then painted up on the hotel for everyone to know the place was open for business:


Painting the sign


Finishing touches included adding on the nesting boxes:



Nesting boxes - almost done!


Of course, as with all things...nothing is for free.  The proprietors have determined a rate that they feel is reasonable:






Boxes for depositing the room payment have been provided to allow for the discrete and discriminating customer.





The owners are currently discussing the option of a hitching post out front....and, the 12'x40' run is a necessity, of course.


Feel free to come for a tour:



Welcome to The Hotel Eggcelsior!  The iconic symbol of the launch of the bustling burg known as "Landstown".  We hope you enjoy your stay.



Almost done!





Comments (11)

Love it!.. Can't wait til the rest of the buildings go up!
Fantastic! I am working on an Old West coop, but it clearly won't look as good as yours.
Stumpy, I bet it will be great! It's wonderful to do something that makes it fun. I have had an absolute blast with this one; and, The Broken Yolk is shaping up to be just as much fun.
Thanks, Yinepu. Hopefully you'll come out and visit to see them in person sometime.
Norhtie - thank you very much. :-)
One of the nicest themed coops I've seen here on BYC. Great job!
Thanks MoonShadows and topdycke. I'm so proud of my husband's work. And, he always is so touched by y'all's nice words. I'll have to show him the responses, here. :)
Great job! I really like the old west theme.
Thanks, Kenc :) We just got started on The Broken Yolk, which is our second "building" in "Landstown". The ever necessary "watering hole"....aka saloon.
Best little Hen house in Texas!
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