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Easter Eggers


Pros: Friendly, healthy, hearty

Cons: Not ALL Easter Eggers lay colored eggs!

Of all the hens I have had over the years, my EE (named Cheeks) is the oldest, healthiest, and most predator savy.  She is going on 7 years old now and my chickens always free range.  We have a light predator load here, but we did have one fox attack, and numerous hawk attacks over the years.  She was hatched on my farm from an egg, and she has never been sickly, or injured, ever!  The only bad thing about her is that she lays BROWN eggs!  Not all EEs lay colored eggs, unfortunately.


My bird went broody 2 summers ago, and I got a dozen fertile eggs for her to hatch.  Only 7 hatched and she raised all the babies to maturity and she was an EXCELLENT mother.  She taught them about the hawks and how to forage.  She kept them out of the rain, and never let the other chickens get close to them.  When she thought they were old enough to start roosting, she moved them from the floor to a hay bale, then after a couple weeks, up to the window sill, then after another week or so, up to the roost pole.  Some hens just fly up on the roost and abandon the babies on the floor and hope they'll follow.  She was the best mother.


I agree though that they must rarely get broody, because in her 7 years of age, that was the ONLY time she wanted to set on eggs.


Cheeks is a real hit at the vet's office.  The girls in the office love to pet her because she is glossy smooth and has that wonderful beetle green sheen on her black feathers.  I have never felt a chicken with feathers as silky and glossy as hers.  She is the picture of health and vitality and does NOT look her age.  This photo was taken at 6 years old.


She is friendly and not too flightly.  At the vet's office, she will sit on the counter and preen her feathers while she waits.  She has no fear of being picked up and held, although she doesn't come up to me and ask to be picked up.  She has never pecked at me or bit me. 


I am raising 4 little EE chicks right now, and I hope they are every bit as wonderful as my Cheeks has been.  So far they are the most robust, friendliest, and happiest chicks in my group of 26.  They were the standout favorites for me immediately!  They were literally double the size of my other large fowl chicks, they were the first to grow their feathers in, and the only ones who voluntarily hop on my hand and ask for attention and treats.


I love this breed and will always have EEs in my flock!  I get a little tired of people picking on EEs because they aren't really a breed, they're just mutts, mongrel birds, and so gets old.  When you create a hybrid based on two distinct, recognized breeds, and then continue to reproduce that hybrid for many years and generations, it does become a breed.  Doesn't matter if it's not recognized on paper by a show committee.  EVERY breed of chicken that we have had to start somewhere.  They were all crossed with various specimens to create a breed.  The Easter Egg Layer is a breed in my opinion. yesss.gif





Pros: inquisitive, friendly, tame easily

Cons: none so far!

This is Goldilocks. Don't laugh. I have a three year old little girl. Every other chicken on the place is named 'Princess' including the roosters, except Fred and Ted which are girls. Now you can laugh. big_smile.png


I bought the EE's on an impulse buy at Orcheln's. They use Estes hatchery out of MO. Estes' website makes no claims of purity, it says that this is their own strain. All I can say is thank goodness my brooder filled up or I would have a lot more than 4 of these birds. They have been incredibly friendly since the day I brough them home. Their colors are coming out nicely and all are turning into beautiful birds. Would highly recommend them to others wanting a backyard chicken.thumbsup.gif


Pros: Egg color

Cons: not a true breed

My EEs are my favorite chickens. All 3 of my hens lay a colored egg- olive, blue/green, mint. They are the friendliest of all my birds, and even the EE rooster I have is more like a cat than a chicken- following me around always wanting to be petted. Each of them lay nearly every day, eggs ranging from jumbo to normal. I love that easter eggers come in so many colors so I can tell them all apart. My EEs are standard size chickens but they are on the smaller side so I think they have a good feed to lay ratio. This is the first breed I recommend to anyone looking to start a layer flock.


Pros: Friendly, full of personality, beautiful

Our three Easter Eggers have more personality individually than the entire flock combined.  Sandy is always the first one to greet us, running from wherever she's working before the others even look up.  Chip chatters, tells you about her entire day and makes sure you are listening.  Honey believes she's perpetually broody but continues to go about her chicken business, crabby all the way.  If you sell eggs, they're invaluable in my opinion.  You can't get green and blue eggs at the grocery store.  That alone makes local eggs worth the extra money.   They're beautiful when combined with the brown eggs.  I love to see the customers' faces when they find several colored eggs scattered in their cartons.  Their pea combs are a plus in the northern climates as well.  No frostbite!  Hands down, they're the favorite birds in my flock and I hope to always have a couple of Easter Eggers, not only for their beautiful eggs but for their great character.





Chip with her saddle, she's the rooster's favorite



Honey (as a pullet)



Easter Egger eggs and brown eggs.  Sandy lays the large, speckled

olive eggs AND the sage green eggs.  Honey lays the blue and

Chip lays a brown egg that is always darker on one end and looks

almost airbrushed (not pictured).



Pros: Colorful Egg's, Colorful Chickens, Easy To Hatch, Easy To Raise

Cons: Wont Stay Out Of Anything, Easy Catch For Vermits

For the beginner you can not ask for a better bird to work with ....

Go to the roost well or will cuddle as a group on the ground ......

Good layers of multi color egg's, Blue, Green, Brown, Pink, or an off white as they age .......

Easley  kept in a coop for long periods of time ......

Will go broody from time to time .......

Very friendly and some times way to friendly as to be waiting by my car door when I get home and following me to the front door or to the feed shed .....

Roosters do tend to mature fast and need to be thinned out before DE-feathering all the hens or hurting them ......

The Roosters can be aggressive towards one another to the point of exhaustion or loss .......




They do play well with others :cd


Pros: Cute, Docile, Friendly and Sweet!

Cons: None!


Wonderful personalities, beautiful plumage, beards and striking blue-green eggs, what more could you ask for?!  My EE hens are the sweetest, most well-behaved of my entire flock of 50+ chickens.  They are mellow and kind to their other chicken friends.  My roosters have personality plus, confident, proud and always have something to crow about!  Egg production has been great.  Winter is here and they are keeping up with my Golden Comet hens pretty well.  I am really impressed with the color and nice medium size of the eggs.  A definite must-have for any chicken fancier!

Reg, Nosy, Espy 959.jpg



Reg, Nosy, Espy 020.jpg




 Reg, Nosy, Espy 001.jpg


Pros: Beautiful eggs, beautiful birds, sweeter as can be, absolutely wonderful birds!

Cons: Flighty and they wanted to run. Constantly.

The only chickens I've ever had were EEs. And man did I love them!

Little list of the pros :


Eggs - you may see those photos of pale green eggs or eggs that look like they may have had a single drop of light blue  food coloring sprinkled on them, but mine were beautiful. They were olive green, deep, pretty, and for young pullets, very large! Not to mention soooo good!

Looks - not that I would pick a chicken on looks, but they were fine lol. I had a white one, who was small and soft and jumpy, very cute. Then I had one who I would call beautiful. She was this sheeny black color that reflected the sunlight with a glow that can't be compared, with feathers splashed with a pretty copper brick color. So fluffy, soooo pretty! The last was largest, but had the smallest ego. Really sweet, but that's not the point. She was tan with black and white spots on her feathers, and she was also just a gorgeous bird that impressed me every time I looked at her. Her belly feathers were the most satiny, beautiful tawny color.

Personality - August, the white hen, was a bit off. Not saying she was like... mental or anything, just really jumpy. The ONLY way you could catch her was a gentle tackle... it's as hard as it sounds. But once you got her, she wasn't mean or anything, just not exactly affectionate. I usually left her to herself, she was never my favorite. Clover was the lead girl. Very, very, very dominant but in a nice way. No question she did what she wanted. But everyone loved her, just because she was so calm, pretty easy to catch, as long as she wasn't in the proximity of bird seed, she would sleep in your arms, she would be excellent around young children. Lilac (I spelled it Lilack, but I was 10... so... yeah) - she was my favorite, hands down. Pretty timid actually, but I liked her and she agreed with my assessment. Easy to catch and what not, and would sleep in my arms without complaint for hours.


Little list of the cons :


Flighty - that was mainly August, but the main point is, if they saw birdseed, seeds, or a patch of delicious grass, it was all over. They would shoot around like rockets and I basically had to give up and just watch them play until they sat down in the grass, which if you have chickens, you know isn't very often... with August, she was always hard to catch, but it was possible. Most of the time. Clover almost never ran unless she wanted to, then not gonna happen. Lilac was quick and agile, but she didn't like to run off unless the other two were doing it also.

Running Away - yes, they ran off into other people's yards and didn't like coming back. Nearly 5-10 times a day I would fetch my uncooperative  brother and we would go wandering through the neighborhood until we found one of them vanishing around a bush. Then we'd corner them and my brother would grab one, as would I. I'd hand him the one I caught and go race after the last one. This was a pain, and it's the reason we had to sell them. That may have been my fault :rolleyes:


All in all, get some Easter Eggers.


Pros: Beautiful, pretty eggs, friendly

Cons: Very timid with other birds

I have two Easter Eggers that are beautiful six month old pullets.  They lay very pretty blue/green eggs almost everyday. Even though they are different looking, they lay almost identical colored eggs.




They are very gentle and never cause trouble or pick on the other birds which unfortunately puts them at the bottom of the pecking order. They are very people friendly and are a lot of fun to watch.  When they free range they stay close to us and are always ready for a handout.  From the experience I have had with my EEs I would recommend them to anyone.


I want to add two things. Peanut Butter, the one in the bottom picture went broody, which I have heard is unusual for EEs.  If I had hatching eggs I would have let her hatch them because she was very determined to stay on the nest.   The other thing is after going broody she moved up in the pecking order and does not let the other girls pick on her.  She is not mean to the other girls, but does not like the little cockerel we recently added to the flock.  When she stands up to him and flares the feathers on her neck she looks like she means business. 


Pros: Beautiful tail feathers, Friendly

Cons: Stupid

EE's are stupid, even according to chicken standards. We got 2 EE's and a silver laced wyandotte from the local feed and seed in March to add to our flock of 4 red stars.

The Easter Eggers are by far the dumbest of the flock - there is a small pen for the pullets to run, with a small opening to the bigger run, and the wyandotte had no trouble figuring out how to get in and out of the pen, but the EE's cannot figure it out. We have pushed them through the opening multiple times, to no avail. They are also not very spacially aware - stepping into the water bowl, running into fences, etc. 

They are pretty birds, and don't mind being handled, but they're so dumb it's almost annoying to keep looking out for them.


Pros: lays quite a few eggs, pretty, good personality

Cons: started laying later than my other birds

I love my Easter egger! She is my favorite out of my chickens. She has beautiful feathers and is so cute. She has a sweet temperament, loves to be held, always comes running up to me, and isn't very hard to catch. I think she is smarter than my other chickens as she catches on to how to do stuff quickly. She lays very beautiful blue eggs and they are pretty big. I will be happy to get more in the future. Great birds! big_smile.png
Easter Eggers

The Easter Egger is not really a breed. They are relationed to the breeds Ameraucanas and Araucanas, then bred with many different breeds so they no longer fit either breed's standards. They usually have muffs & pea combs, but come in nearly every variety and color, some even have ear tufts or are rumpless. Each EE is different, but overall they are usually a smaller bird that lays pink, green, or blue eggs. They are normally friendly and calm, and their colorful eggs make them a popular choice in backyard flocks.

Breed PurposeEgg Layer
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ProductivityMedium
Egg SizeMedium
Egg ColorBlue/Green
Breed TemperamentFriendly,Easily handled,Calm,Bears confinement well,Quiet,Docile
Breed Colors/VarietiesAny and All Colors
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Chicken Breed Info:

Breed Purpose: Egg Layer
Comb: Pea
Broodiness: Seldom
Climate Tolerance: All Climates

General Egg Info:

Egg Productivity: Medium (4-5/wk per chick)
Egg Size: Medium
Egg Color: Blue/Green

Breed Temperament:

Friendly,Easily handled,Calm,Bears confinement well,Quiet (muffed ones especially quiet), Docile

Breed Colors / Varieties:

Any and All Colors

Breed Details:

Most birds have green legs, while slate legs are often a sign of a blue egg layer. They are gentle birds that love treats and will often follow you around as you tend to chores. Chicks usually have poofy cheeks, and the typical chipmunk stripe pattern. Not all chicks have muffs, however, depending on breeder's flock. The chicks can sometimes be curious and very brave, but as they grow they mellow out. The roosters take very good care of their hens, foraging food, and following their every move. They are the farm favorite here, and there is nothing better than 'Green' eggs and ham.




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