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Foy's Electronic Doorkeeper


Pros: Operates on batteries, adjustable light sensor

Cons: price

I have 2 inside mount doorkeepers with the light sensor and have had them for over 3 years.  They have never failed, and I routinely change the batteries once a year - just to make sure they don't run out.  It closes so slowly, so you don't have to worry about a chicken getting caught in the door while it's closing.


This doorkeeper is worth every penny!  I never have to worry about my chickens not being closed up at night.


Pros: Works great on batteries...

Cons: Pricey...

I've had my Foy's for three years.  It has had no issues.  I think it will run up to a year on four AAA batteries.  I think you need their door to make the warranty work but it is convenient, works well, and easy to install.  It is pricey and doubled the price of my coop, but I have had no predator issues with this coop and run set up and have lost several birds with my wire fence run/coop combo setups.


Pros: easy to install, good customer service

Cons: instructions (at the time, they may have improved) -haven't thought of any other cons (price maybe and shipping if ordered from UK or Germany)

(NOTE price to the left is British pounds, not dollars (don't know what the exchange was then), and there was a special promotion that brought it down to £135.68 and that also made shipping free!. Interestingly,  the same unit purchased from Wells today would be I £135.68, not including shipping. Note: do not pay the VAT (value added tax - I think!) because you are not in Europe.) I bought the VSB-b automatic door opener, a hen size door, and the timer (optional, you can do it with a light sensor alone) in November 2008, from Well's Poultry in England. 


I love it!! 


The timer malfunctioned in January 2010 and I contacted the manufacturer in Germany.They were very helpful (although communicating was a little tricky) and they sent me a new circuit board (easy to switch out) and I have  not had any problems with it since.  I received it only 8 days after I contacted them - which really surprised me. They just asked me to send them the faulty one after I received the replacement.


At the time I got it there were no domestic units available yet, so I can't compare it, but the ones made in the US look good and are cheaper (I think... need to check). 


You might be able to get the unit directly from the manufacturer or Wells for less... I did - but you'll have to check around.  I think I got it from Wells because there was a promotion. That said, they were slow in sending it and customer service was slow to respond.


The German manufacturers website:

Well's Poultry:,Y77G,1VGOR3,2URKH,1




Pros: Great Idea!!

My friend has one of these from Foy's Pigeon Supply and it has worked perfectly for several years.  Now they can go away for a few days without worrying about preditors getting their "Peepers" during the night!!  I want one so I don't have to go out in the cold/rain so early in the morning or try to get my girls rounded up if I want to go out in the evening!  wee.gif


Pros: Don't need to have electricity, runs on AA batteries. Once the instructions are figured out it's easy to install. Auto light sensor is very cool.

Cons: Pricey, but pretty much all auto doors are. Not very good instructions.

I got tired of jumping out of bed at the crack of dawn to let the birds out.  This is awesome!! I now can take my time getting down to the coop and I know they're tucked away safely at night too.  I ordered the standard doorkeeper, outdoor install # 2100.  I also purchased the large door, item #2105 as the warranty is void if you use your own door.  Instructions are not the best.  Foy's said they get lots of complaints that the instructions aren't written well.  I wonder why they don't make up their own instructions to send along then.  I am working on a second much smaller coop. The first thing I purchased was another Foy's door.  To me it's worth every penny. 

Foy's Electronic Doorkeeper
Description: ELECTRONIC DOORKEEPER What a great product! Used in Europe for years. Foy's is proud to be your distributor in North America. Foy's truly believes that many different uses will be found for this Electronic Doorkeeper. Cat and dog owners may use it to open and close an entrance to the dog house, garage or out building. Poultry fanciers may want to use it to allow the flock to go outside and then close it when it gets dark. Pigeon fanciers will be able to allow a door to open at dawn and close it at a chosen time later. Pigeon racers may use it when flying the darkening system, or perhaps if you have a special use, you can let us know. This automatic control device can be used wherever a vertical sliding gate is to be opened and close to respond to light conditions at dawn and dusk. The sensitivity of the system is adjustable. Using one of our timers, it is not only possible to open and close the sliding gate according to the time setting or to open and close it in response to light conditions, but it is also easy to set a maximum for the closing time. Other uses for the Electronic Doorkeeper is poultry houses, dog and cat entrances, etc. Perhaps you want an animal to be released at a certain time, after you leave for work for example. Just set the time and it will open. You can close it at your convenience or set a time for it to close automatically. The unit will lift a door weighing up to 7 pounds! The door lift moves 1 inch per 5 seconds. Should you choose to use your own door, the 1 year warranty will not be honored. If the doorkeeper/timer is altered in any way, your warranty will be voided. Batteries not included.

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