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Japanese Reviews


Japanese Bantam


Pros: small, easy to care for, friendly, excellent for youth, or hobbiest

Cons: not very cold tolerant, difficult to hatch, has leathal gene, 1/4 will be short legged

I just love our Japanese Bantams.  Very docile, communicative birds. Come in a variety of colors. Excellent for any chicken lover or youth 4-H project. Show quality are difficult to come by. At hatch about 1/4 can be short legged. the others will be either medium or long legged. and then about 1/4 will have the leathal gene and won't hatch.   We are personally working on blues, mottles, btb. Eventually blacks, blue mottleds, btw, whites.

Sweet, Talkative, Flighty, and Beautiful Birds!


Pros: Sweet, Talkative, Cute, Dont mind kids, get out and eat alot of bugs, are very pretty

Cons: Fly out alot! Hard to keep in.

I have six Japanese Bantams. Five hens and one rooster. Grace, Zoey, Lemon, DeLacey, and DeLaney are the hens, and George Tucker is my rooster. They make up about 1/5 of my chickens. I have all bantams and really havent ever had a bantam like these guys. They are sweet and talkative, very flighty and fly out and often stay out all day. George is very protective of all his hens and chased and attacked a stray cat the other day that just glanced at the chicken house. They are calm and beautiful birds and definetley all add color and personality to my flock.         

My neighbor has these


Pros: So tiny! So cute!

Cons: Soooo tiny!

I have never had these but thought I would write about my experience anyway. My neighbor has a flock and they are the cutest little things! They look so pretty wandering about in her very nicely landscaped yard, just like "lawn ornaments," adorable really.   I have heard that hers do go broody quite often, and at least one of the hens has successfully raised offspring. She tells me they lay many tiny eggs for her.    She might be selling off her flock, and while I considered adding to mine, their very small size is too much of a vulnerability for me. The majority of my chickens are LF (mixed breeds, but all living together) and I have dogs and cats too. 

All around fun birds


Pros: Very attractive busy personalities

Love these birds as ornamentals..very attractive and sprite personalities. Can be a little flighty but not too bad. I have always enjoyed raising them.

My Veiw on Japs


Pros: Beautiful Tiny Light Feeders

Cons: Not very productive Not very predator resistant

i personally think japanese are the best i raised them for many years and think they excel in all levels they are very good mothers and are ok producers of tiny off whitish eggs

Absolutely lovely birds


Pros: Simply gorgeous, great personalities, friendly roosters, eye catchers, great lawn gnomes

Cons: Difficult to keep in condition, lethal gene

This bird is one of the few breeds that can capture the attention of anyone that walks by it. This breed has extremely short legs (a quality bird's leg is about the average length of a thumb, really nice ones are half that). Its squirrel tail is incredibly beautiful (especially on the roosters, which have extremely long sickles). The tail also fans out and stands upright forming a 'V' with its head, unlike other breeds, which really shows off its sleek feathers. Another key feature is that this breed's wings actually stand nearly vertically when relaxed, allowing the primaries to cover the legs and drag on the ground. This breed also has a large comb on the rooster, and large eyes (prone...
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Bye Kuniko


Pros: Cute, docile, doesn't peck, timid, flighty

Cons: timid, not many more

My Japanese Bantam died today. Raccoons got her. She was one of a flock of 14. (Since then three have died.) I had gotten the flock when my family moved into a new house, and the old owners were moving somewhere where they couldn't keep chickens. So I took the flock under my care. All of them have weird gnarled feet, and are unhandleable. Kuniko, the only bantam since the old rooster died, was very difficult to catch, but when I did she was the sweetest thing. She stood up for herself, and didn't let any other hen bully her, and was quite high in the social hierarchy. She was a favorite to guests and my toddler sister, who all thought she was both beautiful and cute. She had very large...
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Pocket Sized


Pros: Small, Pretty, Quiet

Cons: Don't Like Being Held, Small, Flighty

My Jap, Yuki, I got from a friend a year or so ago. She is 4-5 years old I was told, so I am not sure on eggs. She is small and cute, and the noises are funny as well. She gets picked on a lot, but still gets a long with my layers.    A nice chicken to add to a small bantam flock.



Pros: Sweet, friendly, good for showing, and beautiful

Cons: Poor layers, are sometimes flighty, carriers of a lethal allele, chicks are fragile

    Japanese bantams, as you may have guessed, come from Japan. However, the breed has been tracked to originate from Southeast Asia, coming from the traders of the area. Japanese bantams have been bred for centuries in Japan. They are best known for their small size and very short legs.       I raise Japanese bantams and they are wonderful. I only have two Japanese rooster now, which I planned to get rid of, but they are so sweet. They aren't the friendliest birds, but they are tame when you hold them. Japanese bantams are great show birds, as they are easy to handle. However, their genetic problems narrow their chances of becoming show winners. What are...
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Great chickens! Roosters are even friendly and sweet.


Pros: Small, Easy to handle, Easy to care for, OK show birds, Sweet personality

Cons: Not winter hardy, Tail feathers are hard to keep in good condition

I use to have a pair of buff Japanese bantams, but the hen died from a feral cat. My rooster though is the sweetest roo I have ever had the privilege of owning. He has NEVER bit anybody or attack anybody. He loves to be hand fed, and when my aggressive rooster Apollo attacks me, Mars (my Japanese roo) attacks him back and chases him away from me! I have never seen anything like it before! I highly recommended this breed for pets. The roosters are unfortunateley not great show chickens because their tail feathers are hard to keep in good condition. Mars went to the fair last year and took second in his class because his tail feathers were not in good condition. He is retired now and loves...
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