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New Hampshire Reviews

Positive Reviews


Still my favorite


Pros: Friendly, Beautiful, Good Layers

Cons: not the best mothers

Been fooling with chickens for over 35 years and the New Hampshires are still my favorite. I was lucky enough to have a hen that was almost perfect; she always won the blue ribbon at shows and local fairs. She would follow me around the farm and was always looking to see what I was doing. She was almost a pest, but I loved her, and she loved to be picked up and held. Best bird I ever had.  Good egg layers, too. Would recommend them to anyone starting out. My New Hampshires didn't go broody as much as I had wished, but you can't have it all.




Cons: NONE

This is by far the best breed I have! Piper is very tame, loves to be picked up and snuggled, is funny, very smart, very healthy, brave and she lays great eggs. I would get a lot more of these If I had the room! I reccomend these birds to anyone who has other pets and kids. She is not scared of our 2 little dogs at all, and is great with kids. This is going to sound weird, but she reminds me of a cat. haha. LOVE THIS BREED!!!
Bogtown Chick

Caring NH Rooster


Pros: Large, beautiful, Friendly, gentle, concerned, good lookout

We have a New Hampshire Rooster.  He displays typical rooster behavior towards hens,but in comparing him with other Roosters I've had, he puts on alot of show to get the hen's acceptance first.  He is not overly pesky.  He is protective of them and is an excellent lookout for aerial and potential ground predators.  (He is a Free Ranger-with the rest).  He is friendly and allows himself to be picked up by myself or the kids.  Gorgeous fluff and feathers.  He has a great personality and demeanor.   

Negative Reviews


Extremely Friendly to People but Not to other Breeds


Pros: Very Friendly

Cons: Mean to Other Chicken Breeds

I have 2 NH Red Hens mixed in with my Buff Orpingtons, Speckled Sussex hens and a Roo and my Easter Eggers.  They are the first to run to greet me when I walk through the gate and follow me around everywhere.  They let me pick them right up with no fussing.  Mine are very late layers because they are over 25 weeks old and I have not received an egg from either of them.  Their vents and Pelvic bones do not show any signs of being ready either.   What I don't like about this breed is how aggressive they are to my other birds.  Especially my Easter Eggers.  They will not let my poor timid Easter Eggers around if I'm feeding treats and will peck them and...
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Probably won't get more


Pros: Calm, friendly

Cons: Was not impressed with their lay rate

The hatchery catalog listed this breed as 'very good' layers but I was not impressed. They were calm and friendly but only about a 60% lay rate. I wanted some breed that laid more than that. I kept them about a year and then gave them away. I had Golden Laced Wyondottes too and same complaint about them.

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New Hampshire


Pros: Beautiful, great layers, larger (good insulation value), hardy (in my experience), savvy foragers

Cons: larger

great birds for anyone who is looking for looks and eggs!

Great Breed

Edit: thought my hen was a NH but she's actually an RIR Light Sussex cross. Woops. Newbie mistake.

Wasn't expecting to fall in love...


Pros: Super Friendly and wonderful egg layer

I got 2 of these wonderful girls with my Brown Egg Layers special from Murray McMurray. I have one that is jump in my lap friendly. I didn't want to name any of my chickens but I had no choice but to name her. Girly is wonderful on top of that she lay beautiful light brown eggs. Their red color is also a wonderful addition to my flock.

Best Layer


Pros: Consistant layer, large eggs, docile, quiet, winter hardy

Cons: Doesn't like to be held

This is the perfect backyard chicken in my opinion. Mine lays the largest eggs in my flock. Beautiful eggs, light pinkish brown and thick shelled. She was my only chicken who laid every day throughout the winter. She is docile, sweet and quiet. My only complaint is that she hates being held, I know this won't matter for most folks! 

Good egg layers, friendly


Pros: Good egg layers, friendly, winter hardy

Cons: None

I always keep a couple of these birds in my flocks. These birds are not amazing egg layers but they will lay for a long time. At an older age they tend to be egg eaters so extra protein and calcium is recommended. These hens are independent and seem to avoid predators very well. They are friendly and non-aggressive. Over the years we have gotten New Hampshires from different sources, and they seem vary from from hatchery to hatchery. From personal experience, McMurray has been the best for us.

new hampshire red


Pros: very friendly not very flighty/easy to catch good in the winter

Cons: trys to find a way out of my cage/netting

I recommend this for a beginner my chicken gets out and fly's over my 2-3 foot netting but is easy to catch and surrenders rather quickly

Quick to mature, love the colouring


Pros: Quick maturity, free range well, not flighty but not pets either, do well in confinement, beautiful colour, good dual purpose,

Cons: Can be aggressive, not a lot of breast meat, single comb a liability in cold

Good all around chickens, Fastest maturing I have had. Started laying around the 18 week mark for earliest. Not impressed with amount of breast meat on excess roosters I culled. But they are hatchery stock and with selection will get better. 



Pros: very tame, lay big eggs.

Cons: that are a little agresive to other timid birds

i had 1 new hampshire red hen, i purchased as a chick from murray mcmurray hatchery, i let my father name her when she was a chick, and he named her sunshine! she was very sweet. and she was very pretty, too! i picked her out because i wanted to get a red-ish chicken, but i didnt want a rhode island red. she started to lay when she was 5 1/2 months old, and her 1st egg was BIG!!! unfortunately i sold her the day she laid her 1st egg, she was a little mean to my timid chickens and she would peck them when she were eating or drinking while she was eating or drinking. but she was always nice to me, she would fallow me around the yard waiting to give her a snack.       ...
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New Hampy Hybrids!


Pros: Friendly, tame, And just pretty

Cons: They are very cannibalistic

I have six new Hampshire Hybrids ( half wyandotte half new Hampshire) and they are just the goofiest friendliest funiest ever. They all take dirtbaths together. They are very sweet . I love em all! I recommend them. They are extremely cannibalistic to whoever the runt is.

Bantam New Hampshires


Pros: Pretty good layers, pretty, good at free ranging

Cons: Flighty

These birds are pretty, lay pretty well, and are great free rangers. I love this breed but boy can they fly (at least the bantams I have can)! These chickens are probably the best at flying that I have ever run across. Mine are also pretty skittish, but that is probably because I didn't have them as day olds and they probably didn't get held that much.    These birds are good and I would recommend them, just keep in mind that the bantams can be flighty.
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