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Red Sex Link


Pros: Laying machines, Great personality, docile

Cons: none

Amazing layers these birds are. Mine lay at least 6 days a week spring - fall and winter its been 5 days or more a week. They eat a few more pounds of food a week during the winter times but so do I to keep warm... The like to sit out on your shoulder and just relax. Only negative would be is when 3 want to sit on the same shoulder and knock each other off for the space. All in all I would recommend  Red Sex-links for first time chicken keepers that want egg laying chickens that don't go broody and a bird that's good with the family!


Pros: Friendly, great layer of huge eggs.

Cons: Not cold tolerant, eat like horses, easy pick for predators.

These beautiful hybrid chickens are of the "sex link" breed, meaning they're bred so that hens and roosters are different colors when they hatch. If you were to breed a sex link hen to a sex link rooster, you would not get a sex link. Females are egg-laying machines that continue to lay light brown eggs exceptionally well in the heat and cold, while many others slow down. However, this breed is not cold tolerant, doesn't know how to hide from predators, and eat like horses. Roosters tend to be on the aggressive side. Also these birds have a shorter lifespan than normal birds, averaging at maximum 5 years. You may know them by any of the following names:
Red Sex Link

Golden Sex Link

Red Star

Isa Brown
Golden Comet

Golden Buff

Cinnamon Queen

I would recommend this breed to any one who wants a great egg layer, will keep their birds enclosed, and lives in a warm climate.


Pros: early and often layers and overly friendly

Cons: Not quick when it comes to predators

I purchased 6 from TSC on March 1st and my girls were all laying before July 1st (less than 16 weeks). I've had them now for 10 months and they consistently give me 6 eggs a day. At the beginning they were have some shell issues and laying double eggs but that only lasted about a month and became less frequent as they got older. They are egg laying machines. Mine are also so friendly that they have to be with me and my dog no matter where we are in the yard. Since I don't have a roo they squat for me and love to be handled. They'll even squat for my dog which wouldn't be a good thing if you have an aggressive or playful dog. My hens have no problem taking food from my dog even while she's eating it. They were also not very smart when they first encountered a hawk until the hawk made several attempts to catch one. Now they seem to know to hide as soon as they see a hawk. If I had other breeds at the same time I would feel comfortable giving 5 stars but since this is my first and only breed I'll say this is the best breed so far for me.


Pros: easy to get along with, nice, not easily scard, laying machines, loveable, bueatifull

Cons: i have none

This is the best possible e bird you can buy for beginners and they lobe people. I have 8 and average about 7-8 eggs a day all year round. I love my reds


Pros: very LARGE EGGS, easy to handle, not a picky eater

Cons: Health concerns, longevity and laying life, lack of fear of predators

This chicken does not run from my guardian dog.  The only time I have seen a chicken chase a dog around was these red stars.  Eggs are huge and pretty much every day rain or shine, cold or warm weather.  I have read a lot about how they stop laying after two years and how they have health issues especially if their diet does not provide enough calcium for all those huge eggs.  Seems their incredible egg laying will draw the calcium from their bones instead and result in osteoporosis related lameness and other problems.  Tough to manage beyond the first year for this reason.  So since most people get excited and post great reviews during the first year or so they may review better than they actually are to own long term.


For this reason I would never stock my hen-house entirely with these because I don't want to have to replace all my hens every two years.  might look into Langshan as an excellent "ALSO HAVE" breed that says they lay medium eggs and only lay maybe four or five per week but they can lay for 5-6-7-8 years which is three or four sets of red stars and lifetime maybe twice as many eggs and no health issues.


Pros: Huge Egg Layers, Excellent Pets, and Easy to Train

Cons: Big Eaters, Vulnerable

They are excellent birds for beginners as they are easy to train, and good egg layers.  They eat anything they possibly can, including metal bits and plastic, so it's wise to keep a look out for those type of things in their run and coop.  A lot of protein is required in their diet so they can keep laying those big eggs, but it shouldn't be too hard to  find the right feed . What ever cons there are,  I would still suggest this bird for any person, beginner or not. They are available under many names, including the most obvious ones, Isa Browns, and Red Stars.  They are very easy to tame, and not flighty at all, but as they are not easily scared, they do not run very quickly away from predators, which means they are more vulnerable.  They are beautiful birds and have soft silky feathers, which are mostly reddish-brown, light brown, or patches of white.  They don't take very kindly to newcomers , but most breeds do not.  They are wonderful pets, docile and friendly, very good egg layers and I would highly recommend them to any chicken owner.    


  Petunia, at 3 yrs old

dThis is one of their eggs.  They lay around this size or bigger.


Pros: Social, Great Layers, Good In Cold & Rain, Not Picky with food, cuddly and handle well, barely broody

Cons: Eat almost everything, easy prey, poop in nesting boxes,



These are our two Red Sex Links Margo (Top) Barbara (Bottom) they are great members of our family and fantastic with our 9 month old son. He loves petting them which they let him do with no trouble, they only peck if they think you have food. Margo is the loudest and bossiest of the two, and a bit nuts in personality but she loves getting stroked and having cuddles and will often fall asleep in my arms in the garden. Barbara is the calmer of the two but shys away if she thinks she is in trouble. She also gets beaten up by Margo some times but they'll still will cuddle up to each other when it's sunny out. They both give us an egg each daily (the odd now and then they haven't but this barely happens). They eat almost anything we feed them and come straight up to you whenever you come over to the run. I've on occasion had Margo fly out of the coop/run into my arms, which was a little scary the first time she did it ep.gif
They are very nosey birds and if anything is going on in the garden they want to know about it. Especially Margo. They are great farm animals and family friendly pets. I do not mean they she be living in the house with you like Joey and Chandler's duck and chick in Friends just FYI how did they clean up all the poop!!!!!??? idunno.gif
But we love our girls, they are a great addition to our family and our garden. We don't have any weeds as they get fed straight to the chickens as soon as they appear. We also have a lot of friends now who save all their weeds when they do the gardening and bring them over to give to our chickens. I can honestly say I would get this breed of chicken again.



Pros: Great layers, super friendly, funny

Cons: None

I'd recommend this breed to anyone! They are so sweet! They are like dogs, they follow me everywhere I go. I can pick them up and hold them easily too. They lay GIANT brown eggs daily. I love them!


Pros: Super sweet, friendly, early steady layers, Sturdy

Cons: Can't think of any right now.

I have 6 red sex link hens that I got in the spring from TSS. I am in love with them! They are super friendly and always come running as soon as I come into the run. They love to climb on my lap if given the chance. I have raised them since they were a week old. I have 2 that started laying at 15 weeks and a third that started at 17 weeks. Sill waiting on the other 3 girls but they are showing signs that they will start very soon. They are all 18 weeks. They are very docile and put up with my kids and niece chasing them and still are super sweet. Love them and would not hesitate to add more to my flock. Their run shares a fence with our dogs run. The reds love to go over and watch the dogs and don't seem to be that afraid, however the one time that one of the girls flew over the fence she ran away as the dogs chased her until I could catch the dogs. I'm sure that our dogs would have killed her if they had gotten a hold of her. Needless to say we have added to the fence to make it taller so the chickens would really have to fly to get into the dog area. These girls were my first chickens and I'm so glad that I got these first. They are super easy to take care of.


Pros: Eggs and more eggs

Cons: not dual purpose (if you want meat too)

These are my first chickens, gifts from a daughter for Christmas.  Once they started laying, it's rare to have a day without one egg from each hen.  They come when I call them, stay close to the house, don't mind being stuck in the coop during inclement weather, and get along great with our dogs and cats.  If we're on the porch, "the girls" will keep us company.  Can't imagine a better egg chicken than the RSL; they were just what this newbie needed.

Red Sex Link

Sex-links are cross-bred chickens whose color at hatching is differentiated by sex, thus making chick sexing an easier process. Sex-links come in many varieties, few of which are a true breed. Red sex-links are a cross between a Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire rooster and a Delaware hen.

Breed PurposeEgg Layer
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ProductivityHigh
Egg SizeLarge
Egg ColorLight Brown
Breed TemperamentFriendly
Breed Colors/VarietiesRed
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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