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Silkie Reviews

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Have yet to live up to the hype


Pros: Talkative, Fluffy

I am disappointed with my two silkies.  I wanted them because everyone says they are frequently broody (at nearly one year my two haven't tried) and friendly (they aren't, they are just slow enough you can catch them...mine growl at me and one freaks out if I touch her).  They were slow to start laying, but do give a good number of tiny eggs.  My son does like them (hence "fluffy") and I do enjoy the wide range of quiet vocalizations.
I Love Layers

Hate, Hate, Hate


Pros: None

Cons: Aggressive, kill chicks. noisy, obnoxious, and do not live up to the expectation

I absolutely hate them!! I got them for hatching eggs, never went broody in 2 years.   I was fine with them not going broody as they turned out smaller then expected. But they lay probably 50 eggs a year each not even. The rooster is aggressive and obnoxious. The hens have killed chicks and constantly make noise and chase the other hens around.   Never again will I get silkies

Cute but not economical


Pros: Fuzzy

Cons: Takes along time to begin laying can't tell gender

Silkies make good pets but thats about it. Mine are hard to cull because I cant tell roosters from hens. Mine are 8 months and the cockerels and pullets still cant be identified. I have 6 and none have crowed or layed eggs. Neither males or females have wattles or combs.
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