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Silkie Reviews

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Quite the conversation starter!


Pros: fun looks, very smart

Cons: roosers can crow loud!...and all day!, rooster attacks, not very friendly

I currently own one silkie rooster and he makes me want more! He is slightly flighty since he was raised by a hen, but settles down quickly. He has created an inseparable bond with my 'alpha bully' hen and shares his own coop with her. He's such a lover, and never been a fighter! He used to nip when shy, but learned in less then a week that that wasn't acceptable. When sleepy he comes a cuddle bear and is content to sit in your lap and relax. We even shared pizza before while I worked on the computer! Huge family favorite - once they see that poofed body, you're inevitably engaged in chicken stories!   As he grew up, he grew out of that little body and became more...
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Okay Bird


Pros: Cute Noises

Cons: Feathers arent so silkied, get dirty fast, aggresive

My silkies are my meanest birds. They aren't so fuzzy either.

Cute but not my favorite


Pros: They are adorable and the best Easter presents

Cons: Their feathered feet don't stay clean and they are not social

They are the cutest things on earth and they are so Fluffy. But they don't lay big eggs and they are not social



Pros: make great mop heads

Cons: No personality, couldn't brood eggs properly, ratty, always broody

So spectacularly retarded that you could say they are retardacular.



Pros: calm and quite

Cons: aggresive

Iv'e had 5 Silkie roosters before giving up on them and they all turned aggresive after a year...I didnt even get them from the same place


I have only had chickens for a few months but I am so interested in this breed of chicken.  I would love to add a few to my backyard flock.  Does anyone know where I could purchase some chicks in the central Michigan area?

they are soo FLUFFY!


Pros: very cute

Cons: can't see too well

Loved my silkies! They were so unique, and soft. But the fluff on their heads can be an obstruction..I had one rooster fall into a grain bucket that I had filled with water and left under a tree--not thinking that he would find it and drown! The hens were excellent mothers.
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