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Speckled Sussex


Pros: Docile, great layer, beautiful, curious, hardy

I have a speckled sussex and she is my friendliest hen! She jumps on my lap and begs for cuddles. She lays a nice sized egg every day. She is very docile (and is a beautiful girl). I highly recommend this breed. I should be getting more soon. 


Pros: friendly, curious, intelligent, great layer, beautiful, cold hardy

Cons: So curious they'll walk through the front door

Out of 15 breeds we've tried, this is my favorite chicken of all. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. I love their personality and they are pretty. They are a pleasure. You can carry them around. They'll sit next to you on the porch. People love being able to pet a chicken and this one in particular runs up to people and says hello. They think everyone has corn. haha They held up great through our cold alaskan winter too,


Pros: beautiful, gentle, inquisitive, on guard

Cons: can be obnoxious about getting treats

This is the breed I originally wanted to start my chicken rearing adventure with because after researching many breeds I felt they were a good fit due to their gentle and friendly nature. It didn't hurt that they are gorgeous birds as well. We did NOT get to start with them but I'm glad we were able to purchase some earlier this month. They took very little time to tame down in comparison with our RIRs and other than one "Alpha" hen who can be a bit obnoxious when it comes to hogging treats (which I take partial responsibility for) they have been very gentle and have an inquisitive nature. It didn't take them long to adapt to our schedule and my calls to "come get a treat" and "it's time to go to bed." 

I bought a rooster from a different breeder and have been thrilled with how gentle he has been both with the hens and with our family. My three year old regularly feeds him by hand and I look forward to letting the first one to go broody hatch out some eggs for us.

Additionally, I have noticed they seem to be more predator wary than our other breeds (SPPR and RIR). They have done great free-ranging and more times than not we get a Jumbo creamy tan egg.

This breed is here to stay in our flock.


Pros: Friendly, Tame, Not Flighty, Pretty, Good Egg Laying, Good with other chickens, Loves to be around people,

Cons: She is so tame that she jumps into our car with us when we leave!

This is her Picture, Her name is Comet

This is Comet. She is a Speckled Sussex. She is our tamest chicken.

She is the Tamest of the tame. If anyone wants to get chickens, I'd definetly recommend a Speckled sussex!


Pros: Predator Wary, Great Forager, Fast Grower, Fast Layer

Cons: Tend to wander farther from home than Barred Rock

I had ordered a 10 pack of Barred Rock Pullets from a hatchery in OH. When I made my order there was a special going on "Free Rare Breed Chick with Order". The company sent me my mystery little brown chick, who kept me guessing. My special chick turned out to be a Speckled Sussex and a hen at that! I love her! She is easy to catch and layed my first egg out of the flock today! She seems to always have an eye in the sky for predators and when she takes off the others follow


Pros: Pretty, friendly, fit right in with the older flock, lays large light brown eggs

Cons: My husband doesn't like her because she is aggressive to his little cockerel

Cinnamon is one of my favorite girls.  She is the first to investigate anything new and is fearless. She is my biggest girl and I love her rich red feathers and white speckles.  She is very friendly and behaves well with the flock with the exception of the new cockerel we are trying to introduce.  She does not like him at all and chases him around.  She started laying large double yolk eggs when she was five months old and now lays large single yolk eggs 5/6 times a week.  I would definitely add more Speckled Sussex to my flock.  She enjoys free ranging with the other girls every afternoon, but is one of the first to return to the coop at night or anytime I come out with treats.


Pros: These birds are sweethearts and love to roam around

Cons: May attempt to escape

These are very smart birds great to sit in your yard and watch them.


Pros: Beautiful,intelligent,calm,friendly

Cons: Tend to be bullied by other breeds.

Can't complain much.

Pretty,friendly and descent layer.

Cold hardy and never get into trouble.

I love these chickens.


Pros: Good egg layers, come up to me and follow

Cons: Try to peck my hands mistaking it as food, don't move when I walk causing me to accidently step on them

Lovely birds, good egg layers, great looking feathers. I have about 6 SS in my flock of 40 and they are the most friendly, always run up to me when I walk through the gate. They tend to not move though when I'm trying to get through the flock and get stepped on which can cause injury. Their feathers can be beautiful, I have one that has an almost all white head but her speckles begin to sprinkle down through her body.


Pros: Sweet, fairly quiet

Cons: none as of yet.

I have some of these chicks and they are soo sweet! They run up to see me in the brooder, and love to perch and fall asleep on my hands, they are also not loud, just a few occasional peeps. I will update this when they are in the coop.

Speckled Sussex

The Speckled Sussex was developed in Sussex County, England over 100 years ago. It was famous there as a table fowl with pinkish white skin and long, deep body ideal for fattening. It is of medium size, in the heavy breed class, a layer of light brown or tinted eggs, and the hens will set. Its plumage color is a delight to the eye being of rich mahogany base color with individual feathers ending in a white tip separated from the rest of the feathers by a black bar. Baby chicks vary greatly in color from a creamy buff to dark chestnut and some also have alternate dark and light stripes lengthwise on the back. This variety combines beauty with utility, and is very nice to raise for showing.

Breed PurposeDual Purpose
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ProductivityHigh
Egg SizeLarge
Egg Colorbrown tinted
Breed Temperament
Breed Colors/Varieties
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Chicken Breed Info:

Breed Purpose: Dual Purpose: Egg Laying and Meat

Comb: Strait Comb

Broodiness: Often

Climate Tolerance:


General Egg Info:

Egg Productivity: Very Good

Egg Size: Large

Egg Color: Brown


Breed Temperament: Gentle, Friendly



Breed Colors / Varieties: Speckled, Light,





Breed Details:






Chicken Breed Photos:

Primary Image






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