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Speckled Sussex Reviews

Positive Reviews


My favorite breed of all!


Pros: friendly, curious, intelligent, great layer, beautiful, cold hardy

Cons: So curious they'll walk through the front door

Out of 15 breeds we've tried, this is my favorite chicken of all. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. I love their personality and they are pretty. They are a pleasure. You can carry them around. They'll sit next to you on the porch. People love being able to pet a chicken and this one in particular runs up to people and says hello. They think everyone has corn. haha They held up great through our cold alaskan winter too,

Perfect bird


Pros: Docile, great layer, beautiful, curious, hardy

I have a speckled sussex and she is my friendliest hen! She jumps on my lap and begs for cuddles. She lays a nice sized egg every day. She is very docile (and is a beautiful girl). I highly recommend this breed. I should be getting more soon. 

Most beautiful in our flock


Pros: beautiful, gentle, inquisitive, on guard

Cons: can be obnoxious about getting treats

This is the breed I originally wanted to start my chicken rearing adventure with because after researching many breeds I felt they were a good fit due to their gentle and friendly nature. It didn't hurt that they are gorgeous birds as well. We did NOT get to start with them but I'm glad we were able to purchase some earlier this month. They took very little time to tame down in comparison with our RIRs and other than one "Alpha" hen who can be a bit obnoxious when it comes to hogging treats (which I take partial responsibility for) they have been very gentle and have an inquisitive nature. It didn't take them long to adapt to our schedule and my calls to "come get a treat" and "it's...
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Negative Reviews


Speckled Sussex


Pros: Beautiful birds, docile and friendly

Cons: Were picked on by other breeds

The Speckled Sussexes I had were personal favorites because of their sweet temperaments. Unfortunately, the three hens I had were all picked on mercilessly by one roo and by the other hens. I came to wonder if something about the markings on the birds was the cause of this problem. 

Wild chickens


Pros: pretty

Cons: Crazy, don't like people

I have never had a hen, but my friend bought me one, who was crazy, and then all her chickens got stolen. Then she got another one for herself, and that girl is crazy, and then I got one for me, and he turned out to be a roo, which sucks, but he is crazy, too. I would only get this breed from a good, quality breeder.

Good layer, Aggressive


Pros: Good layer, beautiful

Cons: Aggressive, bully

I only have one Sussex but she is a massive bully. She picks on the two lowest birds in the run. The poor hamburg's tail is starting to look tattered. I am actually looking at rehoming her because she is sooo mean to smaller birds. And she has tried to bite my son's toes on the occasions when I have caried him into the run while opening the coop door( he was wearing footy pajamas which she did get a hold of and is just over a year old) She does give us about four or five eggs a week. And she is a stunner looks wise.

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Pros: Friendly, Tame, Not Flighty, Pretty, Good Egg Laying, Good with other chickens, Loves to be around people,

Cons: She is so tame that she jumps into our car with us when we leave!

This is her Picture, Her name is Comet She is the Tamest of the tame. If anyone wants to get chickens, I'd definetly recommend a Speckled sussex!

I love my special chickie!


Pros: Predator Wary, Great Forager, Fast Grower, Fast Layer

Cons: Tend to wander farther from home than Barred Rock

I had ordered a 10 pack of Barred Rock Pullets from a hatchery in OH. When I made my order there was a special going on "Free Rare Breed Chick with Order". The company sent me my mystery little brown chick, who kept me guessing. My special chick turned out to be a Speckled Sussex and a hen at that! I love her! She is easy to catch and layed my first egg out of the flock today! She seems to always have an eye in the sky for predators and when she takes off the others follow

Well Kept Secret


Pros: Outgoing, Friendly, Fun and Beautiful

Cons: Sometimes too Curious

I have only had my hens a few months now but I Love them.  I am a Silkie "guy" but I will tell you now, the SS are awesome. I never imagined that they were this much fun. They are friendly, curious and extremely beautiful. You really don't know how beautiful they are until you see them in person.  They will come to you and just hang out with you. Mine are still pretty young but I know one of the three is contemplating hopping up on my lap when I hang out in the coop with them. As they get older I can see them being like lap dogs.  I like to joke that people don't really tell you how great SS are so they can keep a good thing to themselves. I will always be a silkie guy...
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Mountain Peeps

Most curious chicken breed there is!!


Pros: Lovely plumage, cute eggs, good foragers, SUPER curious, ambitious about many things, cold hardy, very friendly and sweet and lays daily

Cons: Small eggs, very loud, their curiosity sometimes gets annoying!

I have one speckled sussex name Rosie. This is my first time raising this breed and I'm loving every minute of it! She is as curious as a chicken can get. She takes big risks, wanders off on her own, chases wild birds and rabbits, jumps around, runs everywhere, falls down a lot on account of her bolting and jumping, loves to sit on my shoulder and likes to try everything! Her eggs are very small. She also is very vocal. This breed is a great one! She was super affectionate as a chick and now still loves to cuddle. Crazy, cute and curious basically sums up Rosie! I would defiantly recommend this breed!   

Lovely and Inquisitive


Pros: Pretty, friendly, fit right in with the older flock, lays large light brown eggs

Cons: My husband doesn't like her because she is aggressive to his little cockerel

Cinnamon is one of my favorite girls.  She is the first to investigate anything new and is fearless. She is my biggest girl and I love her rich red feathers and white speckles.  She is very friendly and behaves well with the flock with the exception of the new cockerel we are trying to introduce.  She does not like him at all and chases him around.  She started laying large double yolk eggs when she was five months old and now lays large single yolk eggs 5/6 times a week.  I would definitely add more Speckled Sussex to my flock.  She enjoys free ranging with the other girls every afternoon, but is one of the first to return to the coop...
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Determined little ladies!


Pros: Great mothers, consistent layers, beautiful.

Cons: Often escape.

I have 8 hens and 1 rooster. "Red" our rooster, will NOT stay in the coop and run. He will come in to eat and service a few ladies, but chooses to spend his time outside the yard, watching things. He does a wonderful job protecting the hens and chicks from predators. I have mixed breed flock, but find speckled chicks in every flock that has hatched. The hens are a medium sized hen, who lay nice sized eggs for their small body size. They lay consistently, but do go broody. When they go broody, they are very determined to keep their nests. I have had to keep each one on a nest, as they will drive themselves crazy trying to brood. When you disturb them while laying, even when not broody,...
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Biggest personality


Pros: Beautiful plumage, great personalities, hardy birds

Cons: Sometimes skiddish, lays eggs on the smaller side

I have one hen, her name is Lisma, that will walk right up to door and start asking for treats, she'll also slide past me and run into the hallway where the chick feed is because she thinks it tastes better! I have five other hens that I didn't name because they all look the same and aren't as friendly as Lisma, but they aren't as flighty as some of my other birds. Lisma is also a great show bird for 4-H, she'll stand on the table and let you pull out her wings, feet, move her head, anything! Speckled Sussex, along with Red Stars, have the biggest personalities.   

Best breed so far


Pros: Great forager, Passive, Gorgeous, Great layer, Curious

Cons: Too adventurous?

Great birds. Curious is the first thing that comes to mind. Maybe even too curious. They sometimes wander off too far, and lost one to a predator this way. They run to say hi, I don't handle my birds much and can pick these up no problem, work outside all day scratching, relax and passive with other birds so makes for a calm coop, they are beautiful and lay lots of eggs. I can't think of a better bird. I've tried various breed and this one trumps them all. Would highly recommend.

The Perfect Hen


Pros: Chatty, friendly, curious, healthy, beautiful plumage

Cons: Sometimes too friendly, eggs not as big as production breeds

The Speckled Sussex is the Labrador of the chicken breeds. This is the only breed that allows my daughter to touch and hold them. They follow me around the yard and are curious about everything! They love to carry on a conversation with you and let you know loud and clear when they have laid an egg. Their egg laying has been good, except for the eggs are on the smaller side compared to my Easter Eggers and barnyard mixes.   The plumage on this breed is beautiful, with a deep mahogany base tipped with black stripes and white dots. I love their squatty plump body type.   If you are looking for an all around great chicken, the Speckled Sussex is for you.     ...
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Hens very talkative, roosters very protective.


Pros: They lay eggs like clockwork, plump little heavy hens are curious and talkative

Cons: Some hens learn to magically escape fencing, rooster can be a bit overprotective, rooster comb doesn't do well in winter

The oldest hen in my flock right now is a Speckled Sussex simply named 'Special Chicken'. She has literally flown into my arms before and is VERY talkative along with the other SS hen. The rooster has become overprotective (although raised by hand) and does attack my back when it's turned. If he's in the coop and I'm changing out the feeder or waterer, he attacks my hand with his spurs (which is fun), and I have to grab him and play 'who likes hanging upside down' for a bit before tucking him under my arm and holding him like an American football for awhile. I like that he's so protective of his flock, but have learned to wear gloves. I may name him 'Bladerunner' because his comb (and...
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