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I actaully used to use those for when ai was raising reptiles so that makes things a lot simpler! I'm just so determined to not screw this up..haha
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What kind of quail you hatchin
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Coturnix, have four eggs due via the post tomorrow(ish..)

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Thats what i have. I keep 6 hens and a rooster but im gettin back into chickens so im trying to get rid of them. Bad thing is i have 75 cot eggs set to hatch the 13th.
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Yeah I don't know what I'll have or if they will hatch the way the weather has been lately and the fact that they're being shipped. Family has a slew of different hens for eggs, do I really hoping for at least one hen..

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They are in the incubator now and none were cracked in shipment, temp and humidity gauge in incubator and so far so good
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I use the 250W bulbs with a dimmer and it works great.  I just turn it down slightly every 2-3 days as long as everyone's happy.  With that set-up, you can raise the light up and turn it up to heat a larger area or drop it down and turn the dimmer down to heat a smaller area.  It also lets you handle both warm and cold weather with one bulb. 


My cots are at 15 days and I'm kicking them out in a week to 10 days so I can brood the next batch.  The weather's finally broken here, so I can get them out of my basement and into the greenhouse, as soon as I build the greenhouse.

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This will be the only batch we'll be having if they hatch. Now I'm worrying that the eggs are still completely see through because until that changes I've convinced myself they won't hatch lol

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The eggs in the incubator pic arent coturnix eggs those are bobwhite eggs. Theyll hatch in 23 to 24 days not 17 to 18.
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I use drawer liners and paper
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