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The eggs in the incubator pic arent coturnix eggs those are bobwhite eggs. Theyll hatch in 23 to 24 days not 17 to 18.

Yeah, my on professor at uni said he thought so too, (oddly enough he just happened to overhear me and used to raise bobwhites growing up), I was told cots but have been suspicious since they arrived..that's good to have confirmed!
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my cots are hatching this morning i have 2 so far this will probably be my last quail hatching for a while. Im goin back to chickens.
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Someone said I should be seeing slight movement of the egg? It went into lockdown a day ago (today is day 22), is this true? Unfortunately only one of the eggs made it to lockdown so I'm really anxious about this chick hatching
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I don't think I've ever seen cot eggs move.  Sometimes I think I might, but I think that's just wishful thinking.  I wouldn't worry about not seeing any movement.


Good luck.

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Mine have wiggled a little but you have to really watch it its not like bouncing around and very noticeable
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Yeah, I keep thinking it may have very slightly twitched but it's so **** small..also, I forgot since I first started on this thread I have been corrected, and I have 1 bobwhite, not corturnix. Though that's not what I was told was being shipped to me..
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