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2 of my 4 pullets began laying on August 26th at 29+ weeks old.  So far I have gotten 41 eggs total from both of them, but sadly, i have never heard an "egg song" from them.  They just go up into the coop when they need to lay an egg and come back out and go about their business, no sound.  I hope my other 2 will sing to me when they start laying.  They are now 27 weeks old and I am thinking they are brown leghorns.  My first 2 are mixes.

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Love that sound! I'm not up at all on all of the breeds, but what kind is that with the feathered legs?! 

The black/white speckle ones with the feathered legs are cuckoo cochins. They're SUPER soft, and most of that fluff is feathers! They are really pretty light!

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We just got our fist egg today from one of our two Buckeyes.  She was very agitated, circling me and screaming, jumping on things and just in general acting a nervous wreck.. She went into the nest box and half hour later there was a egg.  She's back to her calm self now.

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Hi I'm hoping someone can help me with my hens, they are 24 weeks old and still no eggs, one of my girls has been showing signs of getting ready to lay for a month now, she's squatting, goes to the nest box and sits for hours, and generally acts like a crazy mess but no egg, is this normal? She is a sizzle. My other two are a silkie and a polish silkie and neither of them are showing any signs. I'm new to this so any advice would be great!
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I waited 10 months on for one of mine to lay. The other 3 of the same age layed at or around 5 months old. Mine started acting like they were going to lay, squatting and sitting in nesting boxes about 3 weeks before the first egg. I know you are anxious but it will happen when it happens!
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Thanks so much! I've been worried sick about her thinking maybe she's eggbound or something crazy, first time chicken owner jitters I guess lol
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