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Dog becomes rooster

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We have a dog and every time she walks by the chickens they squat like their about to have sex with her why is this?

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Totally normal. Hens usually end up seeing anything bigger than themselves that doesn't try to eat them as a rooster.  Mine squat for me all the time, haven't met a hen that doesn't, really.


The dog is probably as bewildered as you are.

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That's right. Squatting isn't just a mating reflex. Hens will squat when suddenly threatened by anything unexpected from high up.


Just having a human or a dog suddenly appear behind them will trigger this response. I've been outdoors with my hens at my feet when a hawk flew over and swooped down over us. All the hens squatted. I think it may be related to our ducking instinct when something swoops down on us.

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My hens generally squat when I reach out to pet them, or even just to pick them up.   Then they are much more tolerant of petting than the holdout hens who don't squat but protest being petted.  The squatters seem to like being petted.  

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Then wouldn't it make them a even easier predator of fox?

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