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Not laying

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Maybe someone can help me out. We have 28 chickens 5 are roosters (some of them are awaiting new homes) all of my girls hatched between the end of February and the middle of March. It is now the first of September for a while we were getting 3-4 eggs a day (not great considering the number of hens I have) now we aren't getting any. We did have a week when it was very hot and humid I don't know if that would cause them to stop laying. I just don't know what's going on with the girls. Anykne have any thoughts?
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That does seem a little lean  for 23 working girls..  What breed do you have ???    Considering the hot weather,  it can be a factor, but you still have soo many chickens on strike.    Just curious, as to what you are feeding them ??? and are they able to free range ???   Is overcrowding a possibility as well. ?  Post for us some pix so we can try to unveil the culprit.. 



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I have Australorps barred rocks white leghorns brahmas and wyndottes they're large run is 15 foot by 12 foot and the smaller run is 8x8. They get layer feed (crumbles) and some kitchen scraps like left over veggies some fruits. I'm wondering if maybe my birds aren't good layers. Like maybe they're a bad batch the majority came from Murray mcmurry hatchery. But to have only had 4 girls laying this whole time seems a bit strange
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I just reread their birthday,   and they are 6 months old..   That is usually about the time chickens start to lay.   My RIR didn't start to lay until  they were 7 months old.    I know that many peeps have their chickens start at 5 months..   Some claim even earlier..    This all varies by breed of course..    Your breeds of chickens are good layers.   Its not a bad batch, and don't blame the hatchery  McMurray ether.  ( I am not affiliated with them by the way) LOL LOL.. 


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Just a little update. We started getting eggs about 2 weeks ago. We got 3-4 a day and today I went out and found 6 this morning (possibly more this afternoon) we processed 3 of our roosters and that seemed to help. It was a horrific experience but I made it through it. Also changed them to a whole feed from the feed store. My yolks are gold!!! They are beautiful. Thanks for all the advice.
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