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My other half went so I'm not 100% sure what we have but I will check today hopefully the right stuff... He showed them the video- you would hope they know 😕 and for $150 I would hope it's the right stuff 😳
He said the seemed to know what they were talking about
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My girl Talky Talk started walking backwards. It was a hot day
I immediately gave her Poultry Drench on the tongue
She stopped walking backwards with in minutes
I had a different girl do the same behavior a long time ago
Ididnt know about the vitamins back then
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Put her down sad.png she didn't get any better and the flock started rejecting her :*(
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So sorry for your loss hugs.gif
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Sorry to hear
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Thanks for your condolences sad.png sucks! Owning chickens is a hard job sometimes
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