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Help please

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I got three chicks 2 weeks ago. Over the past five days 2 have gotten sick with something. I've been looking on the web to try and figure it out so I can help them and talked to the people at the local feed store. It might be fowl pox is what I've gotten from the info. I feel helpless and just want to help the little gals. Any info would be great.
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It very well could be fowl pox, but also could be ant bites. Ants can kill a chick very quickly, so I would bring them inside and inspect for ants. Mosquitoes transmit the fowl pox virus, and it typically lasts about 2 weeks, but with those lesions, I think those chicks may be be in danger. Make sure they are getting enough water and food since the swelling is around their beaks. Make sure the nostrils are open to get enough air, or try to open them with a tooth pick if they are blocked. I would get some chick vitamins and electrolytes (SaveAChick, Roster Booster, Poultry Nutri-Drench), and follow the directions. Nutri-Drench is best given 1-3 ml directly into the beak daily. Here is some info about pox:

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Thanks for helping me clear things up. I got the nutrition drench and started them on it. They've been on electrolytes and probiotics since we got them. I appreciate the advice and info. I feel more confident helping them. Thanks 😀
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Please let us know how they get along.

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HELP one of my chickens got attacked by some thing and I don't know if it will live throu the night help
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Welcome to BYC chicathechick123. Can you clean the wound with antiseptic soap or betadine, and apply some antibiotic ointment or Vetericyn to it? Do you have some electrolytes, Pedialyte, or Gatorade that you can mix in the water, and give to her to drink? Is she alert and walking around? Is she breathing okay? What do you think attacked her?

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One chick died. Not the one in photo. Is pox contagious?
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Originally Posted by reese1219 View Post

One chick died. Not the one in photo. Is pox contagious?

Sorry for your loss. Since it is spread by mosquitoes and probably flies, they can spread it from chicken to chicken. The scabs should not be disturbed or you can spread it.  Some will dab some iodine on scabs to help dry them out. There is a vaccine if you live in a mosquito-prone area, but the chickens affected will be immune to that particular fowl pox strain. Have you determined that it is pox, and not ant bites?

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They were inside no ants around. Another one died today. I put the last one down. It was getting same symptoms and didn't want to see her go through it. Probably get pullets next time. Thanks for your advice. I'm bummed and wish I could have saved them.
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I'm sorry about the chicks. It's usually not that difficult to raise them. Perhaps try again, but keep them inside for a couple of weeks. Good luck with whatever you decide to get.

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