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Oh no no no no hair spiders please scropions are terrifying enough!!!! I am so glad i dont live in austin as tarantulas are everywhere there along with scorpions. I lived in a house as a kid where they would come out of the ac vents shudders nope cant do it never again!!
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We have scorpions and tarantulas everywhere here! I think they're pretty cool, but many don't. Still, the glue traps are great since they are non-toxic and you can easily release trapped animals by pouring veggie oil on the glue! Definitely my recommendation!
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Nope hair spiders are creepy lol same with scorpions. Snakes dint bother me much but they tend to be everywhere her and we have cattle so let the go on the property out and no one around here will take them. But like i said we lived here teo years i have only seen two babies in that time both in the same week they were hatchlings. I wont go hunt for them but i cant have so many that they come in up to te house either. So yeah i suppose i am a snake killer but i only kill venomous snakes when they are were my pets and daughter are. I like harmless snakes and save the from the hens much to the hens horror lol but i need them for bug control and they a great asset to my gardens so i release them.
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Of course, you don't want anyone, especially children and pets, to be bitten! The young rattlers are actually more dangerous since they cannot control the venom they pump through their fangs. Adults will only do it in relatively small amounts, babies will give it all they've got.
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And yes, always good to save harmless snakes! Garter snakes will help keep down insect and rodent populations, king snakes will take care of ground squirrels, rattlers, other venomous snakes, birds like crows, and rabbits, so they are a huge asset. I have an albino checkered garter snake who eats fish and, though I don't feed him them, they will also eat pinky mice. He is nippy though, you don't want to surprise him at mealtime! Lol
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Lol yeah there are so many snakes around here i had to buy an identifing book to help reconize what was what lol. We have seven poisonous snakes and a lot of un poisonous snakes. Recently road runners have made a come back same with wild turkeys and rabbits. In this area there was a big problem with a family of poachers they hunted everything out including deer. We have only ever seen one deer with in five miles from here and sad to say it had gotten hit by a car. I am not a big fan of shootjng unless its a danger to my child. My husband is an avid hunter and wont shoot unless its a danger or will be food.
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That is sad with the deer...poachers are so careless and disrespectful of the environment around them. They don't seem to realize that their actions are making the world a tougher place.
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Exactly they are very rude people. We believe the moved away other wise the turkeys and rabbits would still be on a decline. We thijk its the reason the coyotes havent shown up to the house is because they have plenty to eat. However we have a hog problem that we ll have to take care of. They are dangerous plus food. They are hanging out in the back pastures so far and are like little(techincally huge) tillers.
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Oh no! Hogs are dangerous and they do provide ham and bacon! Oh and porkπŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›
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Lol yeah they have made big messes were they are at and with calfs coming in spring the need to go.
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