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Soft shelled eggs and now egg bound

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Hi all. Need some help.  My Blue Orpington hen was egg bound a couple days ago.  With soaking her twice for a half hour each an hour apart, then blowing her dry, she did poop out what looked like scrambled eggs. It was very light yellow. Then the next day found a shriveled up soft egg shell. (was sort of rubbery). Lately she's been laying some soft shelled eggs and some eggs with a very thin fragile shell, and one shelless egg. When she first started laying her eggs were perfect. I'd say these weird eggs started happening a few weeks ago.

Today she was acting normal until this afternoon and now she's acting egg bound again!  UGH!  So preparing for 2 more soakings tonight and she's back in a crate in the house. She can still pass stools and I've seen her drinking normal amounts of water today. And she did eat earlier.  About a couple hours ago she was laying under one of the bushes next to our deck and looked like she was trying to push out an egg. She has no interest in food now. Her butt feels big butt soft and I can't feel an egg. (Same as a few nights ago.)

Her diet is Organic Egg layer pellets. And they all get treats of the following organic foods from my garden: (all chopped up too!) Tomatoes, spinach, apple, zucchini. Lately I've added some cottage cheese (Thinking of the Calcium for her.) and with the cottage cheese (sometimes some yogurt) I mix in crushed egg shells and Food Grade Diatomacous Earth. In all the waterers I put in a teaspoon to tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. They have a bowl that I keep filled with grit and oyster shells, but never see any of them eating any of that stuff. They free range during the day on our 1/4 of an acre fenced in back yard . 

I have 2 other hens a month older than her. And 2 pullets I kept from eggs one of my other hens hatched out from another organic farmer that raises their chickens organically like I am. They all look great!  Non of them are fat. I pet them all daily.


So that should give ya'll the back ground!  :D  I'm hoping that she's NOT egg bound and was just trying to lay an egg.  But after the other night, and the way she's acting, I think she is egg bound again.  Is this possible??  And if she keeps doing this and having soft shelled eggs, should I see if I can find a vet that will spay her?  Is this something that is typical of Blue Orpingtons??  The rest of the chickens are Wyandotts and the pullets are barn yard mixes.


The only antibiotic I have for chickens is Tylan 50 injectable.  I know that that one is for respiratory infections.  So wondering what to get or give her in case she has an infection at the other end.


These chickens are our pets.  So not willing to cull her!


The first picture is her normally.  The second picture is of the other night giving her a 30 min soaking in warm water.  And the 3rd picture is of her a couple hours ago.




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Anyone??  I'm hearing crickets out there!  LOL!  

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I'll tell you what I do when I have one with these sort of issues... I start by tubing water to them (3% of their body weight). I do this once, then again in 60-90 minutes. At the second tubing I also give calcium gluconate orally at 50mg per pound. Then I stick them in a bathroom filled with steam and let the calcium and water do their magic. The type of antibiotic I would use if I suspected an infection is Baytril, but others could be used, even human ones. Do you have and human drugs?


Calcium gluconate - Tractor Supply

60 ml syringe for tubing - Tractor Supply

Tube - 18 french catheter from vet, pharmacy or medical supply store. If you can't get one, you could use a piece of modified aquarium air line. By modified I mean melting the end a little to remove the sharp edges.


I'm available by phone to teach you how to tube or if you just want to ask questions.




Disclaimer: I have no medical training.

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I just sent you a message with my number... call if you want.



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This is what a catheter feeding tube looks like:




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I'm having this same issue right now but with several of my hens. I have no idea what's causing it but I did give them all calcium gluconate and baths. I think it helped two of them who didn't have an egg break inside but I don't think I got to the first one in time because she is still pretty bad off and the only one that I saw yolk in her droppings. I just got penicillin last night (don't have access to baytril) so I'm going to treat the remaining one with that when I get home. I will let you know how that goes and please keep us updated on yours!

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One can get Baytril here:


It is banned for use in poultry, so one should read about that before buying it.



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Thanks Kathy! I'll try to call you late morning if that's ok. Looks like I'll be making a trip to tractor supply! The closest one to me is about an hour away. It's a little smaller than others I've been to. Last time I was there I didn't see any injectable meds. The only chicken antibiotic that's injectable is Tylan 50. Yes, I have antibiotics, but they are all in pill form. Amoxi 250mgs, Penicillin, Doxi, Cephalexan.
I know those feeding tubes, used to use them to tube feed puppies. Bit don't have any now.
My hen is looking and acting normal. She hasn't laid an egg since. Wondering if she's gonna be taking a break? But she's back doing her chicken thing. Thanks for all the advice. Would still like to call you and ask some more questions and take notes on how to do what you've described and make sure I get it right. Thank you so much!!
Mirandaleecon, I think I got lucky! The 2 soaking and blowing her dry with a hair dryer, did the trick! I was worried about an infection, but she seems back to normal now! Hope yours are all doing well!
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