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Chicken Walking with Limp

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Good afternoon everyone! Any help with my dilemma would be appreciated.


We have one chicken who is walking with a limp and it has been this way for about a week. We gave her a warm bath almost a week ago and put her in a secluded coop (where she couldn't roost) for 5 days. We've given her baby aspirin, felt for any warmth/tenderness (nothing), and there doesn't seem to be any visible issue. She's eating and drinking normally.


Any thoughts on other things we can try?


Thanks in advance!

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How old is the chicken? Is she holding the hurt leg up, or is she walking on it? Are her toes curled under? Was she vaccinated for Mareks disease? Sprains in chickens can take several weeks to heal, so you have been doing the right things for her. Mareks could be a possibility if she is young, or if her leg seems numb or paralyzed. Poultry vitamins in her water could be beneficial.

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To be honest, I have no idea how old she is. We took her from a farm that just wanted to get rid of her. She is walking on it but you can definitely tell she's trying not to put weight on it. Should I continue to keep her separated from the others (there are only three other chickens) or should I allow her back into her normal roost? I don't think she was vaccinated for Mareks.

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If it is Mareks, the others would already be exposed (probably at the same time she could have been.) But you may want to place her in a pen or cage inside the coop with the others for company, so that she can continue to rest her leg. Evaluate how she is walking on it once  a week.

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