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Pullets won't get out of the rain.

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First pic is our first attempt at a coop, second, is our second. Third is where they insist on being every night; rain or shine. They get a lot of human interaction, as they come and go inside as they please via doggie door. Even though there is shelter available to them, and we keep trying to move them, they freak out until they have their spot on the railing. I think they feel safe watching the family in the evening go about our business, because the back door is always open, but it's going to get cold soon. The other night, they were getting rained on and I tried moving them and ended up chasing 5 chickens around in the dark for an hour. How do I break this habit? They freak out so bad in the coop, I'm afraid they're going to seriously injure themselves.

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Maybe lock them in the copp for a few days? Thats going to be difficult is there any light in the coop?
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And what do the roost look like in the coop? Maybe you can make them similar to those railing since they like those. But your problem is they see the railing as home so you have to retrain them.
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My girls are the same way. They were young and terrified of my big rooster for the first month, so I let them figure it all out by squabbling in the back. I also thought they'd hurt themselves in the coop. Now the rooster is their big papa, but can't round them up when it starts raining- He just lays on them!!! .. . So, last night after they all went to bed, I filled up their coop with water and food, and lots of basil treats(I tie it to coop so they can keep busy nibblin, plus I have way too much). I woke up at an amazing 8am-instead of rooster screamin 5, and ran out to coop to see why they were so quiet! Basil was gone, and they were all perched together. It was super cute. They are also getting close to laying age, so I didnt want them to hide eggs in the bushes. 


It was just really nice that everything finally click! A perfect morning. Ive been having some serious learning experiences since my first baby chicks. So.... I think you just have to put them away. They will throw a fit, but just walk away. . . They will settle down after a bit, I am sure of it. 

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Thank you for the replies. I'm thinking you're right about just putting them in the coop and walking away. It's for their own good, and I'm sure they'll get used to it pretty fast. The light is another good idea. I realized that I have lights on the railing, but nowhere else. They've only ever had light (even if it's just x-mas lights, and not for laying) so I bet the complete dark probably freaks them out. I guess I didn't think of it because they have been outside w/out the need for any heat lamps or anything. Thanks!
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Welcome i know ours dont like it if i forget to turn on the porch light near the coop at night.
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Good luck!!! Im sure it will take a few minutes and they'll forget about the porch! 

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