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Merek's/something else? WWYD

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About a month ago I posted about a sick hen. I have attached a pic of her eye here. Someone suggested it maybe merek's disease. I read everything I can on it and decided to cull her. Nothing has happened since. Until last night- 2 more hens looked confused and unable to perch. One was dead by today and the other acted just like the original hen, unable to walk, benging her neck backwards hiding her beak in her back feathers. I called her tonight.

So here's my questions:
I read the other possibilities- but why would they just now be vit b deficient? I have these chickens for over a year. No new water sources, no new chickens (other than hatched chicks), I feed them Texas naturals layer pellets.

I did have new dirt filled in from the soil depot the bottom of those coop back in July.

I don't worm them, but I have checked the for notes and live and although I'm new to this I haven't seen anything.

So if I do have merek's- I just need to wait and see if the entire flock comes down w it and then my only option from here on out is to get vaccinated chicks?

If you were me- what would be the next step you would do?
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