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Newest batch of meaties coming in!

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I ordered 50 male cornish x broilers and 25 misc roosters (not broilers) from mt healthy due to ship Sept 30th.

Has anyone ordered broilers this year from mt healthy with or without the 25 extra roosters? How did the birds do? Mortality rate? Dressed out weight?

I normally get my broiler chicks localky from my 4h guy, but he hasn't been able to hatch any more out for me and I'd been waiting since July for my broilers. He told me to order from a hatchery, but didn't give me any recommendations.

I looked at several hatcheties and none could ship me broilers until the end of october, which really doesn't work for me. My freezers are empty NOW. This is why I decided on mt healthy, is shipping date and thatI could get all male cornish x broilers.

when I did my meat chickens this past spring I only did 10 cornish x broilers. 2 died of heart attacks. I ferment their feed for them their entire lives. I have my feed custom milled for me at 23% protein non gmo organic gluten free non medicated. I have a brinsea ecoglow 50 brooder heater plate instead of a red heat lamp.

After they are off the heat lamp they will be moved outside to a penned up area so I can restrict their feed to 1 x a day.

My last batch of cornish x broilers dressed out at 24 lbs EACH at 12 weeks old on this feed with 20% mortality rate.

This time I am adding vitamins/electrolytes to their water to see if that helps with leg problems and mortality rate.

I have never done so many meat birds at once before and I'm a bit nervous.

I currently have a mixed flock of 34 chickens, 2 turkeys and 14 ducks smile.png wish me luck.
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Your broilers averaged 24 pounds each?

How old were they when butchered?

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12 weeks old.
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And they weighed 24 pounds?
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Do you have pictures of them? I have to see them!
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24lb meat birds!

Please post pics that's insane

I've gotten 1/4lb/ day growth rate after 6 weeks. That's 10.5lbs of additional gain in an additional 6 weeks, which would put them somewhere in the 15lb range if I could keep them alive,

24lbs is insane, I would say almost impossible. I would love to see those birds

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I have them in my phone that died 3 months ago. They might be somewhere on facebook. I was very proud of myself. Let me go look.
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Pictures of my last batch of meaties

my biggest turkey roasting pan!!
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I was hoping you would put a picture up that included a scale. Did you actually weigh them?
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My friend gave her grandmother 1/2 of 1 of my chickens and she weighed it snd it was almost 13 lbs.
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