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Help with injured chicken

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  • I have two chickens that were attacked by a dog. They both suffer from open wounds, punctures, and torn flesh. One the whole side is damaged badly. The other not as much. This happened on Saturday, they are still living and I have removed them from the rest of the flock and placed them in separate cages. I cleaned the wound as best as I can and rubbed a triple antibiotic ointment on the wound. Here is my question, am I doing the right thing, or would it better to put the chicken down. I do not want it to suffer, but I am also willing to nurse it back to health as well. Not sure what to do.
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Here is a picture of the one with the worse wound.

Here is the second hen, they both were going through a molt so some of the feather loss is due to that. The bottom one is more active and pecks me when I try to pick her up.

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Hi! im not an expert but I personally think you are doing the right thing. as long as your chickens seem to have a value of life and don't seem completely miserable i would say let them live. Again, i really don't know anything about wounds or whether your chickens will survive but i DO know that i had to put my chicken down just this morning, because she had a chronic illness where her something was wrong with her reproductive system. While i don't regret my decision because my chicken was suffering very badly and would continue to if she lived, i do know that i'm very sad about it and if her condition had even an ounce of hope i would have waited! Sorry this happened to you

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Oh I am so sorry for your loss. These two were so precious and gentle. I like you don't want her to suffer, but also want to give her a chance.

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any updates on how they are doing? 

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