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I have to thank u so much. I craked to eggs to see the bullseye and wala both of them has and it looks amazing. Thank u again.
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Your welcome no problem i just happy i could help. God Bless!!
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AMEN, God bless you to..

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You've gotten some excellent advice and information so far, but do you know how to tell when a hen is going broody? That's key to being able to gather very fresh fertilized eggs for her to sit on.


When a hen of mine begins to go broody, she begins making what I call the "broody cluck". It's a very soft, rapid popping sound, almost inaudible. You may begin to notice very small feathers being left behind in the nest where she lays her egg. If you look on her breast, you'll probably see it's gone rather bald along the keel bone.


This is when I begin to salt away fertilized eggs from the hens I wish to have chicks from. Your broody isn't selective about whose eggs she will sit on. You can refrigerate the eggs or just keep them in a cool dark place.


The broody will lay her final egg and begin to sit on the nest. You will know she's serious about it when you remove her from the nest and she races right back on it. Then you place the eggs under her. It's best to mark the eggs with a lead pencil so you can tell which ones are incubating. Other hens love to lay their eggs in the nest with the broody in it, and soon you'd have a nest overflowing with eggs.


Unless you find a place for the broody to incubate her eggs without interference, some of her eggs may get broken when other hens climb into her nest. Broodies do their best work when they're in a place away from the commotion of the flock. When the chicks hatch, the babies will be much safer, as well.

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Morning to all my friends here...
I dont know what to do or if this can happen..
Since we have spoken last some of my chickens also went broody..but something strange is going on with my geese i have 3 1 male and 2 female right. My 1 female went broody about a week ago and have been lying since then only coming of her nest once a day just to have a quick meal. But since yesterday afternoon my other female geese has also become broody wanting to lie on the same eggs as my other one now what is happening both of them is lying on the same eggs at exactly the same time, they arnt fighting or nothing but this cant be right can it...what must i do please help.
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