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more on not laying

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My chickens have stopped laying. I have tried all suggestions and still only getting about 2 eggs maybe three a week from 5 chickens. I am not sure if this site will frown on me for thinking I need to harvest them and get a new flock. Do ya'll actually do that in this group? Anyway I am wondering if I should just start fresh since I am feeding them and getting nothing in return.

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How old are your hens? And if you decide to kill/eat them that's really your decision. I'm likely going to do that in the long run. My chickens are still young though, 5mos 1wk and then 4mos (7 are older, 4 are younger). So I have a while before making a decision.


If your hens aren't old, what about weather? Are you guys having a shift like we are? We went from about 14+hr days down to about 12hr days.

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No the weather has pretty much been the same they are 2 yrs plus this will be 3rd winter. 2 stopped laying prob over 6 mo ago I have 2 lav orpintons that layed all thru the winter last year. A pack of stray dogs traumatized them in early spring and my duck just finished molting. Has all her feathers again she was laying an egg a day before she molted. Nothing now but I think she just needs time the others not so sure.

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