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Stopped turner

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Day 6 with my new incubator, topping up water channels when I notice the egg Turner had become disconnected. I watched it turn 3 days ago but when didn't it? Moisture has been in the upper %60. A quick candle on 2 show ”eyes". Trouble 9r too soon to tell?
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First, I think you have way to much water for the first week. Second, is the turner working now? Which incubator? Do you have a calibrated thermometer and hygrometer?
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It doesn't have a name on it, ebay special with turner, fan etc.I did double check the temps before starting. I fixed the turner right away. Everytime I let a channel go dry it drops down to the low 30s and that's every two days.
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They should be ok. The most important time to turn though is days 3-8. So check them at day 14. Are they local or shipped? I try to keep humidity around 40-45%. But everyone is different. If they air cells are growing right then you'll be ok. If there is to much humidity and the air cells stay to small then the chick can grow to big and have a hard time hatching. Is your hygrometer calibrated?
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They should look like this:
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The eggs are from my two flocks of freebies plus my bantams. Just got the incubator,ran it a few days empty to be sure and so I could collect eggs.I hadn't noticed the turners motor was loose. Fixed but not sure just when it disconnected,know it was working day 3.
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