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Missing Feathers??

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We just bought five Dark Brahmas and one of them has missing feathers on her back. Are they mites? She is the only one so far that is missing any feathers. Could you all help me out?
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She may be molting.

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How old is she? What kind of conditions was she kept in previously (overcrowded)?

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I am honestly not sure where she was kept. Now she has plenty of room at her new chicken coop. I notice new feathers growing back (I'm not sure if you can see that in a picture) . The women told me they are 3 months old. Seems kinda young for molting, but I am not an expert on chickens.
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Too young for a full on molt. Since the skin doesn't look red or irritated, the feather loss was likely caused by other chicks. Feather picking is commonly caused by too little protein in the feed, or from overcrowding stress. 

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That is good to know, I wasn't sure. Glad to see it is not mites. I haven't seen any pecking on her since she arrived so hopefully she'll be able to heal up nice and quickly. smile.png
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