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Gleet or prolapse?

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Yesterday, I found a bloody egg from my Easter Egger who just started laying about 3 days ago.  I read that it can happen with new layers, so I didn't really worry.  Today, I came home to more blood in the nest box and caught another girl pecking at her bloody vent.  I removed her from the group and took a better look.  There is blood mixed with an opaque white discharge dripping from her vent.  I gave her a warm bath with Epsom salt and blew her dry.  Put some yeast cream around and in her vent area.  Keeping her indoors by herself tonight.  Started yogurt along with a side of oyster shell for calcium.  Added electrolytes and probiotics to her water.  Ideas?

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That is not vent gleet, but she has probably had a prolapse that was pecked at. The white is urine. Remove her temporarily from the others. Clean her vent every day with a shallow bath, and apply honey, sugar, or Preparation H cream to her vent to reduce swelling. Try to push the pink tissue back inside, holding it in for a few minutes, even though it may come back out. If you can keep her in a dark room or covered cage for 16 hours every night, she will eventually stop laying temporarily in a couple of days. That would be good to help her vent to heal. Good luck. Here is some reading:

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Thank you for the tips.  I am taking her to an avian vet today to be checked out since it has gotten worse and it leaking quite a bit and has a bad odor.  I will update this when I get home!

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Yikes! Poor girl.  Good luck!

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Vet diagnosed Coccidiosis.  The feed store only had sumet which I got to start immediately.  Also ordered a bottle of Corid online in case this doesn't kick in.

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