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They have had a lack of sunshine. They free range when I'm home but they have been cooped up for a fairly good amount of time because it's been cold and rainy here for a good week, if not more. Do you think in any way this is related to the droppings I found this AM? Also, should I throw away the eggs in my stock or just the eggs I found with the wierd dropping??

just clean eggs, they are fine. when chickens have worms you might find some poop on the eggs, but those eggs are ok. BTW even droppings might be ok if you found them in the morning only. check if they improved later. morning poop usually is a bit nasty.

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I feed my chickens tomatoes in the summer from my garden, and I have never seen a dropping with congealed blood in it like your picture. That isn't intestinal shed either, but I would just watch for more, or start Corid. Certain worms can also cause blood in the stools. Valbazen 1/2 ml given orally to each chicken, and repeated in 10 days would help with worms.

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So I haven't seen anymore crazy stools and my hens are still acting normal. Do you think they are in the clear? And is it safe to start eating their eggs again?
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eggs usually are safe unless you give them medicines. my flock had fowl pox and my vet told me eggs had been safe as I didn't give them anything except iodine.

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Good to know! Thanks!
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