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possible new layer!!

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so excited this morning!  went to clean coop as i always do of the mornings and found an egg with no shell, just soft membrane around it under the perch!!   i'm thinking it might be from one of my 2 brown leghorns that haven't laid yet and are 29 weeks today!  my other 2 have been laying for around 6 weeks now and both of them laid an egg around 1:45 p.m. yesterday, so praying this is a sign of a new layer in my  little flock!

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:celebrateYay!!! Isn't it fun to find new eggs?! Our Deleware hen just laid her first (that we know of) egg October 1st! I squealed and hollered for my husband to come look. I am sure the hunters on property behide us were not pleased :D And then one the 2ed nothing, but on the 3rd not only a Deleware egg but also a Welsummers!! Gosh its fun! I hope you keep finding more!


Deleware first egg at 22 weeks and Welsummer too!

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i am still just as excited finding an egg as i was the first time!  my husband sometimes thinks i have gone crazy, lol!

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Is there a certain way they act before laying ? My chickens are still to young to Lay they are probably about 5 months or younger they are production reds
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My 2 fish time layers both started out laying hard shelf perfect eggs a week ago but for 2 days they have been soft shelled????? Is this normal? They are 22 weeks.
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One of the ways I noticed my girls were going to lay, was when they would squat when I came near them.
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i think my 2 girls that are laying must be different from everyone else's.  i had read about all the signs to watch for and believe me, i was watching for them, but they didn't do them.  there was no squatting from them, no egg song or anything.  after henrietta had been laying for about 5 weeks, she finally squatted in front of me and let me touch her for the first time.  i heard scarlett singing an egg song also about a week ago but then saw a stray cat around the run area and now i'm not sure if it was an egg song or a warning about the cat!  there has been no squatting since and no more songs. they lay there egg and then go back out into the run and just act as if nothing has happened. so i think my girls are just different from other hens.  they do have the red combs and waddles but that is all the similarity mine has with others.  i was surprised to find the 2 eggs (they laid the same day) on august 26th of this year at 29 weeks old.  

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Hurray for you!!yesss.gif I am still waiting for my welsummer April to lay her first egg. She is 27 weeks....hopefully soon!
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the waiting truly is the hardest part!  my first 2 girls were in their 29th week when they started and my other 2 are 29 weeks today.  that is why i was so excited to find even a shell-less egg!  i hope it means my last 2 are fixing to lay but only time will tell. only 1 of my 2 that are laying gave me an egg today so now i am second guessing myself as to whom the odd egg belonged to.  can't wait to see what tomorrow morning holds in store!

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Is there a certain way they act before laying ? My chickens are still to young to Lay they are probably about 5 months or younger they are production reds

Some of the production birds start laying around the five month mark or even a week or so younger.

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