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Im a newbie please help

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Hi there this is my first time hatching I have done everything I am ment to do and have made it to hatch day and im afraid notimg appears to be happning :bowplease can someone advise what may be going on ,there is no odd smells comimg from my incubator so im pretty sure they are not rotten ,I was sooooo excited to having even just one hatch please please any help :rolleyes: 

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Have you heard any chirping noises? Did you calculate day 1 from the day you set the eggs or the day after?



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Oh my gosh I woke up to a baby chick and 4 more eggs have pipped :weeeim so excited eeeeek I just pray the rest hatch ok now crikey this is a stressful experience ha ha ha ha :celebratebut I have come to realise that the biggest thing in this hatching process is patience ha ha ha ha

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Best of luck!
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