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I just saw your comment about the sneezing. It'll be a whole series of sneezes - like 5 to 10 or so - and there will be periods of the classic gape, meaning they extend their necks out with their beaks wide open and make a caw-gasp-cough sound. It sounds horrible, like they're really struggling to breathe. Also note that when they sneeze there's no discharge.

The fact that now all your sexlinks are showing signs makes me think that either it's not gapeworm or they all got infected at once... We have about 40-50 chickens at any given time and I've never had more than one case of gapeworm at a time. It's a really easy cure if it is, though.

Let us know how it goes! Good luck!  smile.png

yes thats what she is doing but its more just the gasping ad extending the neck. She has stopped the gasping but still very raspy. All four sexlinks are just sitting with their eyes closed and they are generally waiting on me to come out in the morning. I guess I will start their tylan cycle today. I medicated their water with antibiotics with no results
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The suggestion of giving it twice a day for five days sounds very reasonable, but I think I'd want to be a little more precise on dosing. The dosing they suggested will treat almost all worms that chickens get. 

How good at math are you? If you aren't good at math, just let me know and I'll try to figure out some safe doses based off of the .7-..8ml dose for average chickens.

So are you saying .7-.8 ml twice a day or half that twice a day.  I give flea meds to cats and dogs through syringe so I guess I know how but doing 13 adults and three five month olds plus 2 at 2 and 3 months old,  arghh!  I think logistically speaking ivermectin in their water for 24 hours would be easier.  Ivermectin must be good for mites as well, the pour on stuff.   But not to be used in unison maybe.  Thank you very much Kathy.  Mites scare the hell out of me so talking about what to do is still good.

The most I would feel comfortable giving is 0.115 ml per pound twice a day.

Ivermectin in the water won't work because it's not water soluble and floats to the top like oil would in a matter of minutes. Plus it's not an effective poultry wormer.

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There is a water soluble wormer that you could try, but it's very expensive. Google Wormout gel. Dose is about 50ml per gallon, and since it's similar to Fenbendazole, I think you would have to give it five days in a row, but don't quote me on that.

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