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Help is this a mini molt ?

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I just got the chickens last Friday , they told me at the feed store they were 5 months old about and one lady said they may go through a molt . They are very active and not acting sick. I have found a few feathers
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HI! Congrats on the new chickens! In the stress of moving, they may lose a few feathers. Unless you start seeing more skin than feathers, I'd think they are just fine! I'm not sure if mites or lice can cause feather loss, maybe someone more experienced can chime in here?
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First off, Welcome to BYC!!! We're happy to have you! big_smile.png

At only 5 months old, they wouldn't be molting; however, this is nothing to be worried about! Since you just got them last Friday, they are no doubt still adjusting to their new home, which is likely stressful and can lead to feather loss. This feather loss should decrease in the coming weeks as they become accustomed, both to their environment and each other.

A few questions to ask yourself about helping reduce stress:
- Is your flock receiving a balanced diet? (Proper feed & available oyster shell and grit)
- Are they over-crowded? (~4 feet per chicken inside the coop, and about double that in a yard/run)
- Is there routine? Or is their daily routine being disturbed by predators, loud noises, or other external influences?

If they are still loosing feathers after an extended period of time, you may want to look into checking for lice/mites or seeing if they are pecking each other.
For treating lice/mites:

For treating feather pecking:

Hope that helps! And congratulations on your new flock!! smile.png
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Thank you they are eating H&H no soy no GMO . It is really good food . It has grit already in the food plus probiotics , DE , and 20% protein. It's not cheap . They have good amount of room they are in a tractor also that we move every couple days. They are trying to get use to the dogs they are separated from them because my little one was not acting very well around them and I'm training her on that situation.
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Happy to help! Sounds like you have them in the right track! smile.png
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