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Help with no eggs!!!

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I have 30 hens that are a year old. For the past 3 weeks we have been getting 0-2 eggs a day. Nothing has changed. We locked them up for 3 days to make sure they weren't laying somewhere else. At the end of the third day, there was one egg. I've never had anything like this happen. Any ideas? I live in zone 7b near Charlotte,NC.
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Lots of feathers laying around? If's the fall molting season.

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No not really. They went through a heavy molt, and some are still molting some. But all 30 molting so much at the same time that they all stop laying? I've seen drops in production during molting, but nowhere near like this.
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The heavier the molt the longer they take. Plus some dont lay for weeks after words and some wait until spring to start laying again. But at a year old it is their first adult molt really that could be why some are taking it harder then others.
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