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Limping pullet

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Last night I noticed one of my flower hen pullets was having a hard time getting up to roost. Then I noticed she had a limp. She isn't very tame, so I haven't wanted to inure her further by catching her in the open. I can try tonight. She is eating well and tries to hurry to get to treats, etc. I'm thinking about putting her in a large dog kennel tonight so she can rest and limit movement. Maybe with a buddy. I'm trying to attach a video. Any ideas?
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Thread Starter Here is a video from today.
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Hmmm that's interesting I would try to limit her movement and let her eat and see if everything tries to heal in time. You can put a buddy with her just make sure she not being picked on. I'll reseach a little bit and see if I find anything. She definitely doesn't have an issue moving her leg. I would check the bottom of her foot to look for any injuries, bumblefoot, etc. just giving my opinion! Sorry I can't give you a clear answer😕 I wish i could
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I appreciate your feedback!  She is putting weight on that leg, just not as much.  She also does not curl the foot up when she lifts it if that gives you any clues.

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I caught her tonight. I couldn't feel anything unusual about her leg or foot, but I noticed what looked like a little dried blood under one nail. I put peroxide on it and put her in a large kennel.
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I'm worried about this girl. This is the third one in less than 2 months that looks ill. I lost one and it look like she had a heart attack. She was on her back with her feet straight up. A few days later I found another one looking like she was depressed. She was walking like a penguin. The next day she was dead. Last week I found another one acting the same. Since I had done some research and found that some antibiotics would probably help, I began a treatment and she hasn't died. She seems to be a little better. She's eating and drinking but not moving too much. And it looks like my picture won't upload.
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I read about about swollen kidneys put pressure on the sciatica and cause chicken to limp. That can be caused by an increase of calcium. Or scaly leg mights was another. I'm finding things relating to what your chicken is doing but nothing exactly like it 😩 try reposting but with a really dramatic title like, is my chicken is dying ??!?? In all caps it should drive people attention to your post. I'm sorry 😕 I'll keep digging
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Yeah I can't see the pictures 😟
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Can you tell me what their eggs look like? That gives a lot of clues as to what is going on inside like does it have speckles, or shell bumps around it .
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