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chicken run

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Hi I have 9 week old pullets a nice size cop and run i was wondering if we coud put our childrens old playhouse in the run for them to play on sit on go in etc or will it comfuse them to were home is also can you put roosting bars in the run as wll as in the coop for when they are out doing the day any suggestions would be greatly appricated ty
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I repurposed  playhouse into coop.   

Put your playhouse into your run and your chickens will have more places to hide when pecking order kicks into high gear.  Also place roost devices into run for your chickens to just sit and chill out.    I suggest natural tree limbs work well and look natural to your chickens.  Also looks good to you looking at them in nature.   Place straw into playhouse floor. (ground) and they may desire to lay their eggs there. 

Chickens like to lay eggs in privacy if possible just like us humans like privacy in certain actions. 



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hi thank you was worried it would confuse them lol and yes iam still new here thanu for ur welcome
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