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Thanks so much for all the advice. I am an adult , mommy of 3. I smiled at the question of whether I'm a child or an adult because I was talking to a friend about how I am as impatient and impulsive as my children.
I suppose I will be waiting out the winter researching and preparing for the spring to come before I get some lil chickies.
I think I knew what I should do already but I was secretly hoping someone would have ideas on how to start sooner. Waaaah.

Oh I drove my boyfriend NUTS while I was waiting for my chicks to arrive! I was the child in the house. I was in your boat last year. I made up my mind to get chickens last January. I also live in MD so I figured I was in for a wait too. It took me a month to decide on the breed to get. Then I ordered the pullets from my local feed store in February--so many advantages to going through that feed store, I'm a big fan of theirs. They start getting chicks in March, but mine didn't arrive until April. Supposedly that's better because you don't have to keep them indoors as long. I set up a brooder box in the house in March. I annoyed everyone around me with chick-talk the whole time. I came home with my chicks plus others that arrived the same day. Oops! People told me to buy extra in case some didn't survive. I wanted 4 but bought 6, and they all survived! I didn't have the stupid coop built until... I dunno, late May or early June?! Then I played the game of staring at these chickens hoping one wasn't male because my neighbors would hate me if I had a rooster. Then I had chicken envy for some of the other breeds I saw people had. But whatever, my chickens are wonderful now. They ate bugs out of my garden all summer and started laying about a month ago and have become more friendly since then! I got the nest boxes in the coop after they already started laying, so then had to figure out how to get them to use my nest boxes. They all return to coop to lay now, it's fantastic!

Any questions you have, we'll do our best to answer! I would start figuring out what breed to get, the daily routine for taking care of them, and your coop and where to put it. It would have been so nice to have a coop all ready to go sooner. I'm not a fan of the kits you can buy because I don't feel they're big enough for most flocks and I saved a good chunk of money building my own and it was my own design. Also chicken toys--it's so fun to watch chicks play!
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