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I have her in a dog crate in the house, it's been a few days now, no one else is showing any signs of illness. I will look gorgeous dried grubs, maybe mealworms? Her favorite treat is blueberries and she isn't eating that on her own... thank you for your reply, it means a lot that this community helps each other! !
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Well I've just got back from the vets, I love the lady we are seeing now she is so thorough and I can tell she's doing everything she thinks should be done (not to say the original vet wasn't, he is also amazing but she has many more years experience and it's good to get two opinions).

She wants to try Aurora on a course of Doxycycline injections but has to order it in, hopefully she will have some by the end of this week.


She said the tests Aurora had done should of ruled out a fungal infection but to say 100% would be too ambitious. She is sure it is something that can be treated with AB, and is just hoping doxycycline will be the one to do it. If there's still no improvement after the injections, we are going to try another endoscopy as I think the Loxicom has helped with the swelling in her throat so hopefully if this does happen she will be able to have a good look around.


But fingers crossed the doxycycline does the job :fl 

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Originally Posted by CindaLouWho View Post

I hope she gets better soon! We just dealt with the same thing.



Thank you! :)

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OK for anybody trying to find out about fowl pox. I just got off the phone with the company that makes the vaccine.they said there is no egg withdrawal on a vaccinated bird. That on older chickens u need to vaccinate at least once a year with poxine usually around molt. With younger birds vaccinate at 1 day old with chick-n-pox tc and then again at 12 weeks with poxine and once a year afterwards. As far as killing the virus in your coop after u have already had problems with it wash everything down with bleach. On ur run u can use hydrated lime just put a thin layer on the ground and the wet it down so it soaks in the ground and either leave the coop and run empty for a couple months or put down heavy litter so it doesn't burn the chickens. As for the yard if they free ranged u shouldn't have to do anything they said that sunlight and dryness will kill the disease. If not a lot of sunlight I guess u could treat it with the lime. Hope this answers some of yalls questions smile.png
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Good news, my girl is all better, back with the click. I isolated her and treated with Duramycin. She also got to sit sit with me and watch tv and get blueberries hand fed to her, the princess, that's how she got her medicine. Yay. Then 2 hawk attacks this week... not her tho, but still a loss. Thank you all for the advice and support!!
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