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Switching to Layer Feed

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Need some advise, My girls just turned 21 weeks old this past Saturday, hoping to get my first egg'''''s  soon. However I am at the end of my grower feed. Even though they have not started laying yet, can I start them on layer feed. Do not want to spend the money on another bag of grower feed when they may start laying within the next couple of weeks...Also I was told that one is a Black Silkie the other is an easter egger, the far one has less brown and has more black and a shiny blueish tint to her feathers......But any advise on feed would be appreciated ....





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Yep - no need to waste money on growers anymore and the additional calcium in layers will prepare their bodies for laying - no sweat.



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Time for layer and that wait for eggs! so egg-citing!D.gif
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Thanks :weee

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