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Flock Block

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i found a recipe for a flock block as a heathy treat, as well as entertainment. Since the weather is turning cold I did add some cayenne pepper to help heat them up. They look like a chocolate granola bar, buts it's actually baked blackstrap molasses. They live it so far. the recipe I followed made 4 8x8 tin pans. I didn't make any to hang, but may cut these to squares and use my suet cake bird feeder.
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i make flock block also,  i used 1 cup of their feed, steal cut oats,

corn meal, cut up apple peices, apple sauce, mashed up bananas, and some frozen black berries.

i dont use to much molasses(didnt know if it was ok for them)

i freeze them in long rectangles and then wrap them up and use when needed. i find if it is a crazy rainy day the chickens get bored faster, so i take out their flock block and let it only defrost a bit, then i break it in half. i put half in one area and the other in a diffrent one. they take most of a day pecking at it. a good healthy treat!

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