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Chicken can barely walk

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Hello, my 6 mon. EE came down real sick about 3 wks. ago it started with her being unsteady on her feet, then she couldn't walk at all and breathing hard. I brought her in and gave her electrolytes and vitamins, she was much better several days later and could walk fine, a few days went by she's unsteady again, so did a repeat and fine again, several days went by and she's wobbly again. This time she's trying to walk but is to clumsy. During the other times I was trying everything. What will help her get back walking and strong. Please help !!!
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What is your setup about feeders and waterer? Could she be bullied or kept from getting enough water or food? I would make sure that she is getting vitamins and electrolytes, and check to see if she is weak in her legs, or walking on her hocks, and if her toes are curled under. Was she vaccinated for Mareks disease? Could your feed be old or rancid, where she is suffering from a vitamin deficiency? 

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Hello, thanks for replying, I got her and her sister at 10 was of age at a chicken swap and not sure if she was vaccinated, probably not. I'm very new to chickens and learning so much. She was in with her sister no bullying. Once she became ill I realized a few things that could of caused it. We had rain everyday then and it's possible of moldy food. Or damp inside there coop, which has all been taken care of. But now trying to get her back right has been a challenge. She eats fine, drinks fine. Her legs are very weak, she stands all the time but it's like her knees go inward. She gets so frustrated. She's in the house with heat , she's eating yogurt mixed with crumbles, buttermilk and bread, also sum tuna. Just not sure if she needs a certain vitamin or antibiotic, I've tried it all, but lost on what she exactly needs, thanks for any help you can offer.
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Also there for awhile she looked to be having a hard time breathing, stretching her neck out with her mouth open. But that seems to be gone now. Her poop is pretty normal, but here in the past few days she will have this dark brown runny, smelly poop.
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There is a leg bone deformity that causes a knock-kneed appearance called valgus deformity. They are more common in meat chickens, but also common in egg layers. Although there is no treatment, I would offer her vitamins that contain trace minerals--something such as Poultry Nutri-drench or Poultry Cell to put in the water or give orally, or Poultry Booster for the feed. Those are easy to find at feed or farm stores, or online. Here is some info about leg bone disorders:



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I do have the nutri-drench and the poultry booster, which one would you recommend, also how much and how often?
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The Nutri-Drench can be given up to 3 ml daily by mouth. Follow the directions on the label if you use the Poultry Booster. 

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Ok, Thank You !!! I will try that and see what happens.
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