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What's wrong

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We have a young hen that laid her first egg yesterday. This afternoon seems like something is wrong. She was fine this morning but when we visited the pen just now she was laying down and would not come to us like the others did. She has been the friendliest of them all.
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We are new with the chickens so don't have experience when they appear (not the same).
Should I remove her until we find out what's wrong?
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How is she doing? You may want to feel inside her vent opening about an inch with a gloved finger for a stuck egg. Egg binding can occur if the have an overly large egg, are dehydrated, or have a calcium deficiency. Here is some info to follow if she has a stuck egg:

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She was better next morning with no treatment. Seems fine today also. No second egg yet though. I'm puzzled over that but continue to watch her.
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Sometimes there can be a type of temporary lameness after being egg bound or passing a large egg. Sometimes with chickens, you just never know what's going on, but it's good that she is doing well now.

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