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HEY well yesterday I found one of my 4 month old pullets not active much but shes standing normally but slow weak she eats good but not to much at the end of the day I find her crop empty I didn't see her poop yet her comb is pale but I think this is normal for her age she is light in weight I gave her some goat milk today she ate some of it shes a langshan cross and my best pullet PLS HELP!!!! I also gave her some espon salt and garlic in the water


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Check out this thread and see if it helps you.

The disease isn't 100% treatable, but hopefully it helps.

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Well Im not sure if she has mareks but she's not very active but sometimes runs slowly and eats almost normally could be something else I'll wait and see other posts their is a cure called hypericum tablets or flowers but I'm not sure if it's mareks
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