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What's wrong with my hen

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I would guess coccidia . This is only a guess from someone who is not a vet.

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Is she pooping fine? Is it coming out normal? Have you washed around that area with warm water + a wash cloth? It looks like something is wrong with her vent, but I'm not sure yet because I need to know more of her actions currently.

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yes she eats regular i have to assume she poops ok too

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I don't mean to sound odd, but could you watch and see if she does? If it looks normal, I am not quite sure what could be occurring with her.

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yes will do, i am going to wash her bottom too

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That's great! Good luck with her. ;)

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her poops are ok. 

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Originally Posted by Jo Anne View Post

her poops are ok. 

Can you post some poop pictures?

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I washed her bottom with warm water n soap it is a little raw, her vent area is a little swollen but it isn't blocked. I have separated her from the two others and she has her own space, food & water. I will put some triple antibiotic on it and am feeding her 20% protein, some yogurt and oats - she looks thinner than the other hens - but she was also getting picked on.

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