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Chicken history

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I am doing a research project, and the theme is exploration.  It is very broad, and you can do anything within that topic.  I was wondering if anyone could help me find a topic that fit that theme, and had to do with chickens.  Thanks!

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Is this for College or High School?  Will depend on how in depth you want to get and how many words?

there is a chicken that was developed by women as far as I know this is the only breed and for the life of me I can not think of the name right now.  But then you could get into the crossing of breeds to get the genes etc that they wanted to bring out in their new breed.  Or you could do it on what chickens to breed together to get the colored eggs you want.



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This is for middle school.

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If you want you can explore what chickens and why and how to get the colored eggs , like the chart above, or you can explore the different stages of chick development to 21 day hatch, or if you breed a certain chicken to an different chicken what will you get, are these ideas your interested in pursuing?  I can help you with an outline etc if you need it

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Thanks so much, you are so helpful! I think I will do a project on chicken exchange through history. Thanks so much, though!
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That sounds like it will be a very nice paper, good luck on it

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